Bill Cosby says he isn’t planning a ‘sexual assault tour’

Bill Cosby says he isn’t planning a ‘sexual assault tour’

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  • No One ever “plans” a sexual assault tour.

  • I think we can all sleep sounder knowing that.

  • I wonder why, imagine the font of handy tips, tricks and techniques he could share with an admiring audience…

  • The Cosby story is probably one of the biggest disappointments of my life. WTF Cosby!

  • YouTube Cosby’s Spanish fly routine.

  • *Again*

  • I’ll drink to that!

  • ..but one how too get away with it tour. Disgusting !

  • “It’s all okay if you put it in the puddin”

  • Good grief. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. Take your lucky verdict and disappear. Seriously, I think Trumpism is making Cosby’s people think that he can bullshit his reputation back. What an insult to the victims and what a crime against any kids that might listen to it. Shameless, damn.

  • You mean…another one?

  • I always wonder how much hidden perversion and lifestories are buried in the cosby show. The BBQ episode was way too strange with this context

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