• What additional challenges were present during the construction of this bridge, as opposed to a normal bridge?

  • Is this cities skyline? What mods are you using?

  • I love this planet

  • There is a car on a barg in a river that’s a bridge over a round-a-bout for cars that are not a special.

  • I’m curious; how does this handle flooding? It has to rain there, right? It’s at least flooded once.

  • City skylines is so unrealistic.

  • Aqueduct* not a canal bridge

  • I would have put the road and road bridges above the canal. I wonder why they didn’t. Is it a vertical clearance thing?

  • How did they manage to cock up that corner in the road on the right?

  • I located this on satellite imagery and looked at the surrounding area. Is that a cemetery to the north of the bridge?

    It looks like it might be but it doesn’t have landscaping and a ceremonial entrance as you’d expect in a cemetery.

  • At first glance I read this as shart canal

  • What happens when it rains and overloads the bridge?

  • more like Smart Canal bridge!

  • Ugh this beautiful picture has rekindled the slumbering urge in me to pay cities: skyline

  • How do you do repairs on that thing?

  • That’s an aquaduct.

  • Genuine Engineering Porn.

  • Genuinely impressed

  • I used to live near this, it was awesome to see these large barges using this thing. The lift itself is a thing of wonder!
    They also host various flea markets under the shade of the canal. That was actually my whole reason for going there.

  • They had such a good opportunity to have a slide at the end of that.

  • The infrastructure in the most of Belgium is terrible tho!

  • Too bad in the U.S we do not spend more money on our infrastructure like many European Nations.We waste our money on more weapons and tax cuts for the already insanely rich.

  • r/mildlypenis

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