vehicle physics. vehicle physics.

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  • I really miss the slow motion crashes of Burnout Paradise.

  • I know it’s just a gif, but I swear I can hear the piano from car boys

  • Mmmm. Physics.

  • Had a lot of fun in this game, best thing that happened to me was when I managed to get a van to fly really high up and wrapped it around the top of an evergreen, might have a screenshot somewhere

    EDIT found it

  • See you space car boys

  • This is a cool…idk what it is. Dont want to call it a “game”, maybe a tech demo of a game engine?? But it is fun, especially with a logitech g29.

  • This is a really cool game, very realistic. You can run a car off the road, watch it crash, then talk to the extremely angry, rattled man who was driving the vehicle.

    You eventually talk him down from his anger and exchange insurance information, but his son has a laceration from broken glass and you have a high deductible. Shit, it was an 8 year old. You made a kid cry today.

    His wife shows up and is absolutely furious with you. It has been such a long afternoon, bizarrely intimate with these strangers who you just met and who also seem to hate you. Maybe it’s not you, but the terror of those seconds that passed thirty minutes ago. But either way, there is some bad juju and you want to escape into a crack in the sidewalk.

    The tow truck comes, you get a rental and you go about your day, but kick yourself for getting into this stupid situation in the first place. Now you’ve got an ugly mangled front bumper and a higher insurance deductible. It’s going to cost you several hundred dollars more a year.

  • *Nick, this changes everything!*

  • Holy crow…

  • The driving is very difficult in this game.

  • Next Car Game / Wreckfest had really beautiful crash physics, but did an over haul and ruined it.

  • That van went straight to the sunchips place

  • What kind of hardware do you need to run this?

  • May I ask how you got the replay? Was this using the in game replay thing?

  • RIP in peace Car Boys

  • Why have i not bought this game yet?

  • Somewhere Michael Bay felt a great disturbance in the force.

  • Why do the driving physics seem floaty?

  • Can I ask what game this is? Not sure the title of this is the game???

  • It’s neat, but not terribly realistic. Almost seems like friction isn’t being applied when it’s just spinning around on the side.

  • This suspect is certainly down.

  • Hope its on sale soon, gonna get it

  • I remember playing the tech demo for this years ago. I didn’t realise it had been fully released

  • Guess that’s why crown Vic drivers have bad reputation where I live

  • COOL

  • It is actually pretty fun as a car game to drive around in, it’s just that you can’t time anything or have a proper race. But there isn’t really anything to do besides that and crash stuff, which is quite a shame.

  • I’ve actually seen a video of this happening in real life. A police officer performed a PIT maneuver on a curve just like that.

  • Damn, that’s good. If it wasn’t for the camera angles, I wouldn’t know this was a game.

  • The police car looks like it loses control too…

  • This is really satisfying to watch, do I need to find help?

  • Camera angles look like SFM lol

  • It’s shoe came off that means it died.

  • What game is this?

  • These crash physics need to be in the next GTA.

  • He dead

  • If only arma had this

  • Is worth a buy?

  • Still can’t be bothered to put tire marks on the road.

  • If the BeamNg Drive and Next car game crash physics were combined I think it would be near perfect

  • nice ct license plate

  • Impressive

  • Is that the name of this game? Burnout Paradise? 45 year old dude here that misses driving games. What system?
    Edit: okay…now,wtf is Steam?

  • This looks beautiful

  • I’m hoping Rockstar takes some notes from this game for GTA VI.

  • Nah dude, pubg made them way better.

  • What game is this?

  • Oh shit I didn’t notice that in the title lol thanks.

  • Needs dirt, grass, and debris. The whole scene is way too clean, especially towards the end.

  • The way those cars move is quite fake.

  • Source?

  • A comparison for what seens to be max settings vs my lower (potato) settings;

  • [deleted]

  • What we need
    Non-like shitty Ubisoft games or EA trying being realistic.

  • I can’t wait for real games to include physics like this or even better. Come on Moore’s law don’t fail me now!

  • Oh yes… I will get whenever I get my gaming laptop. So it’ll be a while….

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