Banana Heist

Banana Heist

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  • They just stand there with no reactions. He’s not monkeying around, better grab him before he splits!

  • Gibbons are hands down the goofiest ape. I love them.

  • “and then I just took them when nobody was looking, they didn’t suspect a thing”

  • Gibbon to me!

  • I thought it was going to ride the scooter away. Reddit has given me unrealistic expectations, I think.

  • That girl clearly does not like bananas.

    *”No… ^wait… ^^stop… ^^^don’t ^^^take ^^^my ^^^bananas?”*


  • When the gif first starts he just looks like a tiny man running around

  • Attack of the Gibbon 🤛🏼

  • You may be laughing now, but he is actually a highly dangerous criminal. don’t his cute walk fool you, he has killed at least 7 people with banana peels alone. If you see him call your local animal department immediately. Do not approach, he is considered armed and highly dangerous. He has been seen with a .44 banana, which he often uses for robberies.

  • Pothead: … hey, the monkey dude is taking my banana. Hey, monkey dude, don’t take my… oh good, you dropped them… no hey, no. Monkey dude, not cool… not cool monkey dude.

  • you’re just perpetuating the stereotype bro

  • “The perfect get-away.”

  • Should of never sold animations rights to the banana grabber

  • dude you can just have them

  • Am I the only one who finds the way Gibbons walk absolutely terrifying?

  • [deleted]

  • /u/stabbot

  • Am I the only one thinking that guy seems to have man boobs ?

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