Backup Plan

Backup Plan

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  • Love this video,such a energetic happy little guy.

  • Slow down, grab the wall

    Wiggle like you tryna make yo ass fall off

  • Do most dogs know how to back up? Had a friend share a picture of her yellow lab, he was trapped behind a trashcan. I mean, his head was. All he had to do was back up, but that wasn’t in his skill set.

  • Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

  • I’d say this reminds me of a car backing up, but he actually watched where he was going.

  • I really really really want to see someone put a booty shaking song to this…

  • Absolutely hilarious and sweet!

  • My wiener dog would have just jumped down. This dog is much gooder boy

  • I was like “I wonder what the dogs backup plan is” then it went backwards and I was like ohhhhh a *backup* plan. I thought he was gonna do a lil flip manoeuvre

  • Dachshunds are the best dogs.

    And lets not forget, they are a proud member of the hound group.

  • TIL dogs can twerk

  • Is this Mexico?!

    Reminds me of my grandmas home.

    Adorable gog booty!

  • I will never be mad at seeing this no matter how many times it’s posted. I will always giggle and always upvote.

  • Shimmy shake, shimmy shake, shimmy shimmy shimmy shake.

    Silly puppy.

  • Does anyone know the source video? I want to send this to my grandpa, but I’m scared that .gif format might freak him out.

    (I also got sound to work on his computer last month, so I know he’d love any ambient audio)
    Thank you!

  • As an owner of a dachshund who couldn’t walk for a week (thankfully steroid injections worked!), this gif just gives me anxiety.

    It’s a cute vid, but please take good care of its back!

  • #TheFloorIsLava

  • Barkup plan

  • Fun fact, dachshunds were first bred to hunt badgers.

  • For a moment when it realised the human was not going to carry it from the wall….the tail wags dropped speed.

    It was heartbroken momentarily.


  • Genius!! Also, very curious, would you like to cut his nails?

  • This actually made me smile. Very nice, OP!

  • Scoot…scoot…scoot…

  • I like how he wags his tail as he backs up. It’s like the beeping when a truck backs up but much cuter.

  • this dog would pass the MENSA with flying colors!

  • aahhhhh too cute

  • Too funny!

  • Tail whip dat wall! Show dat wall who boss!

  • What a cutie! This is my new favorite gif!

  • More like backpup plan ayyy

  • “Human! You’re supposed to help me down! Oh, fine, I’ll try this.”
    My cat would still be there.

  • I knew what would happen and still laughed harder than I thought I would.
    ~~I miss my dog~~

  • looks like brasil

  • Boo, I got a [back up plan]( to the back up plan

    To back up my back up plan

  • What? You’re over there now?


  • Rep-ost

  • That texture on the floor hurts me. It’s a copy and paste like in videogames

  • Put it in reverse!

  • My Oliver is a wiener dog and he’s this excited to see me every day.

    He’s my reason for existing. He’s the only reason i’m still here.

  • All I can hear in my head is beep beep beep

  • This is hilarious. Thank you for sharing!

  • i always think its funny how englisch speaking people use “dachshund” (badger dog) which is obviously a german word for that breed but in germany its much more common to use dackel.

  • Needs backup beeper noises dubbed in….

  • Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

  • huh, so that’s what “dog” is backwards.

  • That. Is. Adorable.

  • The dog looked behind him more than most drivers on the road

  • so cute!

  • Good doggo does a heckin reverse!

  • r/unexpected

    Also, is that a heart shape on his butt?

  • I love dogs. They’re ridiculous, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Hahaha didnt expect that at all!

  • <3 <3 <3

  • 10/10, great moves out there Dylan!

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