Augmented reality smartglasses could replace computers!

Augmented reality smartglasses could replace computers!

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  • Sounds like someone needs to learn the difference between computer and monitor. That said, I think the video shows a good example of what an AR workstation could look like.

  • But can they run crysis? Hey may replace work computers but never power workers needing lots of computing power unless you want to lug around 20 pounds of glasses

  • This looks shitty and miserable. Migraines and motion sickness for everyone! If this is adopted it will be because 1 $200 headset is cheaper for a business to supply than 3 $150 monitors. I love new technology but sometimes analog (relatively) is the way to go. Until it can be perfected to surpass current technology it will be miserable to use for 8+ hours a day. I remember going from the Late CRTs to the Early LCDs and they were shit.

  • I think I’ll stick with my computer however AR Smart Glasses might be a good alternative for a phone.

  • im guessing the price is in the thousands and the quality is shit, so i doubt it for a long time.

  • Any idea what kind of resolution you get with this? That looks pretty compact so I am kinda curious.

  • It does look a bit bulky, but it makes for a neat tech demo. I just wonder what it’s response time is and its field of view, also how it handles graphic intensive programs. I think Hololense FOV was only like 45 degrees, but they made the demos seem like it was much higher.

  • I’m all in for an AR IDE to give me a 10-foot monitor. I’ll keep the physical keyboard though.

  • I do not see anything requiring a head fixture becoming a mainstream screen for the average consumer. As it stands, OLED “wallpaper” screens are the next big thing. [AR contact lenses]( on the other hand could really change my mind on that.

  • I’m fine with monitors, don’t want to wear shit on my head

  • Just look at all the grubby finger prints on your average work monitor, and realise that some people like to touch their monitor. Not to mention that a monitor is going to be much much better than any vr.

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