AT&T Apple Watch security

AT&T Apple Watch security

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  • Well, jokes on you… how can you wear it with only half a band. Duh.

  • I work for AT&T…they did it wrong.

    Edit: this is it done properly:

  • 😂😂😂Omg

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  • There was an attempt.

  • Jokes on you when you sync it to another phone and it’s activation locked to

  • I’ve seen this at a best buy as well. It’s such an obvious misstep and hilarious.

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  • So did you take it? You know to teach them a lesson about security?

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  • I was in a store today and saw the same thing, I let them know but I doubt it’ll get fixed. Although this store isn’t AT&T.

  • [deleted]

  • probably figure no one wants to steal the watch.

  • This clearly isn’t at apple.

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