At 100 Episodes, ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Walking in Circles

At 100 Episodes, ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Walking in Circles

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  • It was walking in circles at 90 episodes, 80 episodes, 70 episodes, 60 episodes, and 50 episodes, too. This is the problem with not having any real overarching goal or end point for anything. The show just spins its wheels forever, retreading the same basic developments over and over. I don’t even remember how many times they’ve repeated the cycle of people losing their morals and then realizing they’ve gone too far before settling down and regaining their humanity again. Yes, we get it, “this is how the world is, now.”

  • The show has fallen into a dbz style framework. Next enemy stronger than the last, rick and co become more badass to destroy them, repeat until ridiculousness

  • It hit that point in season 2, really.

  • throwing in the possibility of a cure would actually save this show and make me watch it again. even if its never actually achieved it would give a sense of purpose other than the society broke down and we need to survive but the villain of the season won’t let us.

  • They’re jumping right into the war this season…

  • Pretty funny how out of all the reviews posted, there’s only 1 or 2 negative ones and it ends up on the front page of /r/television.

  • As usual, no one is more obsessed with TWD than the haters lol.

  • A larger problem with the show’s lazy writing is that every plot development is the consequence of:

    1) a character doing something indefensibly stupid
    2) totally random, though typically ill-timed, acts-of-God.

  • It may be walking in circles, but I will always watch it

  • The worst thing about it is that it has no endgame. It’s a revolving door of characters who get killed off and replaced by someone less interesting the next season. They’re more concerned with keeping it on the air for as long as possible for ratings than they are about ending it with a good ending.

  • We get it /r/television. You don’t like The Walking Dead. EVERY post about it just says the same thing “The story is too repetitive, there is too much filler ect.” Your criticisms are valid but it gets annoying just parading the same talking points every time TWD is mentioned.

  • So, not much different than the comic, then?

  • So is there a plan for this show to end, or are they just gonna keep riding it until the money stops?

  • was walking in circles in the second season

  • ZNation is way more fun.

  • I stopped watching when they took over the prison and they had the showdown with the Gov’nor. I was going to pick it back up but then there was the Glen spoiler and articles like these.

    I imagine a world where they did Walking Dead and Lost ike a BBC show, where there’s an initial set of 3 seasons and if it goes well, it’ll go to a set 6 seasons. Where there’s a beginning, middle, and end and you can see a whole satisfying conclusion that makes sense viewed as a whole.

    I don’t follow the comics though, is the show staying true to that?

  • I love everything about the show and I’ll always be a fan but it does seem like the Negan chapter is just a rehash of the Governor chapter. I mean it’s the same formula they’ve been using for 3-4 seasons now:
    1) Rick and team find a perfect new place to live
    2) Bad guys run them over and punches them in the balls
    3) Spend entire season to get ready for a comeback
    4) Rick and team kick ass
    I think it’s time to introduce something new to the TWD formula….dragons maybe?

  • Ever season they walking down the same exact line.

    Everything’s okay>something bad happens>have to leave their new base>fight bad guy>get new base>everything’s okay>repeat

  • I am okay with that. Fuck the haters.

  • FTWD Season 3 has set the bar too high,TWD Season 8 has no hope of being as good as FTWD S3,in FTWD there were no shitty filler episodes,drawn out deaths/dialogue. It kept an amazing pace whereas with TWD after every two episodes comes an hour of filler episode and the pace is so bad

  • This is by design. I’m sure I read an interview with the showrunner that said he was treating it as a soap opera that could run indefinitely.

  • Eh, it’s still fun to me. I’ll happily keep watching no matter how many people complain even though they claim they already stopped watching.

  • what a horrible episode lol, and some hardcore TWD fans say FTWD is bad… lol! this episode makes FTWD a masterpiece

  • Show went to shit when the showrunners become obsessed with being artsy and stopped trying to actually tell a story.

  • Syndication, baby! Who cares, the big bucks are going to start flowing in now.

  • My problem with the show for a while and why I have stopped watching. Is the show moves too slow. Season 6 took place in like 2 weeks of there worlds time. The first 4 episodes of season 6 took place in one day. Then a flashback the entire next episode.

  • I wasn’t super into but would just put it on, esp. since some of my coworkers were still watching and would talk about it.

    I decided to stop not because of a terrible episode but because there was one bright spot of positivity at the end of [one episode](#s “(after Rick and Michonne did it)”) and that was how the series would end for me.

  • It really makes you appreciate a zombie movie that sticks to the formula.

  • I realised this in 2015 and stopped watching then. Surprised this show is still running.

  • It’s been walking in circles since season 3.

  • If we’re all honest the Walking Dead was always walking in circles. The only reason it probably garnerd so much attention is because it had no good competition. The plot was boring from nearly day one the entire show was only scary if you didn’t honestly think everyone in the show was acting like a melodramatic rere. Come to think of it the actors need praise I dont know how they managed to not just troll the director every day working with that cliche script.

  • They are running circles for a very long time now but I never minded that as long as it still keeps it interesting but last season was terrible and this season isnt off to a good start as well.

    Then there is also Fear the walking dead with their amazing season 3 and you cant help but compare them. Walking dead stands no chance to be even remotely as good as season 3 of Fear. They lost the battle last season when they setup this whole boring war with shitty illogical action.

  • Is this show still on? Talk about beating a dead horse.

  • It’s been walking in circles since season 2.

  • Every season is the exact same story arch. It’s always a test of morality, someone close to the group dying, and then a final showdown before the next season reiterates this all over again. I gave up after 6 seasons. Realized after 4 that the show wasn’t taking us in any dramatically different direction.

  • thank you, anti-twd viral campaign, for reminding me the new season is out this week 🙂

  • honestly the only thing they could do to the show to bring me back is to have the zombie virus disappear as suddenly as it appeared. good luck writing that kirkman

  • What really bothers me is the lack of learning by the characters. Such as they progress through an increasingly disjointed world where humanity is in full retreat and they don’t all become like Carol – mercilessly doing what they need to do to stay alive while retaining a bond with their immediate group. Then the smaller stuff like, ok they’re now more adept at killing but surely you’d have a protocol for entering a house by making some noise to draw the zombies then execute them rather than creeping around and waiting to get jumped on. All. The. Time. And bind your extremities like Brad Pitt in World War Z when he wraps and tapes a magazine around his arm. I mean just simple stuff they do not do. Even slightly more longer term planning would be fun e.g. Set off a car alarm for a day then come back and deal with the regional zombie threat. /rant

  • I stopped watching when the main characters inexplicably started being evil.

  • This show has been garbage after about season 2.

  • Honestly? I’m tired. Every fucking post about TWD in this subreddit is shitting on it. If you think is horrible, don’t watch it then. If you think your argument is great, you’re probably wrong. 99% of the criticism is the same shit. It turned into a karma mine.

    This just reinforces my ideia that most of the redditers are people who are not happy with their lives, blame the society and come here to complain about everything, having this illusional pleasure that they’re smarter or better than everyone else for hating popular things.

    I still think it’s a very good show and look forward to it every week. If you don’t think you’ll ever like it and don’t have hope, ok. Keep it to yourself. Complaining is useless then. Watch other shows… you know, do something better to your life.

  • Season 7 was pretty bad but I have faith in the 8th season.

  • Game of Thrones Sucks

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