• The hilt is an ampersand… amazing. This piece is just perfect.

  • It’s a great piece. I feel compelled to include a weapon that looks like that in my DnD campaign, it’s just so stupid in the best way possible.

  • This should be made into a playmat. It’s perfectly balanced between cool and funny.

  • I think my favourite part is that the two parts of the blade are classic signature weapons of the classes it gives protection from.

  • Important question: isn’t there a goofy five color EDH deck based on left hand artwork? This would be great in that.

  • Man At Arms please

  • Thanks for the new background for my collection.

  • I REALLY want to put this in my Legacy Stoneblade deck…

  • That is a fucking HEAVY weapon

  • Check the D20 on the hilt!

  • It deals piercing, slashing, **and** bludgeoning damage!

  • how much are the hascon promos worth?

  • /r/mtgporn

  • How much you wanna bet “gold-colored” is a subtheme in Unstable?

  • People actually play DnD.

  • Ashbringer re-skin?

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