Are there Oscars for trailers? I don’t know if a movie trailer has peaked my interest as much as the...

Are there Oscars for trailers? I don’t know if a movie trailer has peaked my interest as much as the second trailer for Good Time has.

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  • I agree, it’s an awesome trailer.

    Also, the term is ‘piqued my interest’, just fyi.

  • It’s actually quite impressive how the Twilight films managed to get such crappy performances outs of two actors (Stewart and Pattinson) who are proving to be quite talented.

  • As a matter of fact, yes!

  • They should have an award for best trailer vs worst actual movie. The teaser trailer for the godzilla reboot gets my vote.

  • Trailers – especially second/extended/etc. trailers – are the bane of a good movie experience. It was trailer companies and studio execs that decided the trailer to Terminator 2, Oblivion, Speed, and SO many others should show details of major plot twists and endings. It is trailers that misportray Seven Psychopaths as a slapstick comedy, or Refn’s Drive as an action-packed Fast&Furious clone.

    Trailers are designed specifically for one thing: to increase opening day ticket sales. Everything else is ignored or sacrificed for this goal. Even looking at the GTA site mentioned, you can see the winners are all about showcasing every “best moment” they can see in the movie, completely ignoring whether this messes up the experience of actually watching the movie from beginning to end. I would love an awards system that rewarded *good* trailers that take the time to present the mood of a movie without giving away every major plot point or funny scene, but that isn’t what’s happening. What’s being rewarded is “who was able to entice the most people into a seat on day one, regardless of how it affects the actual movie experience.”

  • its a good trailer, but i wouldnt add it to my list of all time great trailers, but its close, very close. (***the list for those who care***)

  • No way the first trailer was way better. Didn’t give any plot points away, which I feel he second one kind of did

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