ArcheRage NA Private servers starts today , all aboard = ))

ArcheRage NA Private servers starts today , all aboard = ))

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  • Congratulations on being the lucky chosen out of 7 people posting exactly this. I’ll allow this thread so everyone please try to keep ArcheRage discussion in here, thanks.

    Edit: Yes, we do allow discussion of private servers. And no I checked before allowing this thread that it’s not self-promotion which is why it’s allowed as a direct link.

  • lol even pserver for this game can’t stop being p2w

  • What’s the fucking point of playing a Priavte server when its also p2w ?

  • “NA private server” RIP

  • So, why would people play here if it still has a cash shop?

  • What’s the point in playing a private server if it has a cash shop… lol

    If I wanted to play a game with a cash shop I’d play the real thing

  • Hmm a Russian private server that wants you to disable your Antivirus. Use common sense.

  • I am going to be downvoted to hell for this, but the only reason I am subbed to r/MMORPG is to find new MMO’s that are coming out.

    This subreddit is extremely toxic, and the majority of the people here love to hate MMO’s. They will find something bad about the game, and complain about it without considering the good things, and then bash anyone who disagrees.

    It really is fucking toxic.

  • Considering this is actually hosted in NA, it’s going to get taken down real fast.

  • Still p2w.

  • Closed in how many days?

  • Installing this game is a joke. I’m not disabling my anti-virus, period.

  • Just google what happened to gummys tbc private server that also hosted in usa.. a whole 4 hours it was up

  • so they stole the game and is now profiting off it?

  • Can somebody who has played on this server, explain how much p2w this server is with the cash shop?

  • Hosted in US, R.I.P. in a month.

  • what a waste of time

  • Gullible. At least it looks like most people here are quick to call out garbage when they see it.

  • I’ve always been curious as to what legal stance private server hosts use to maintain their services.

    Anyone care to enlighten me? It seems like it would be a piece of cake for companies to sue these hosts but what protects them?

  • Private server selling items in game for cash hosted on american soil? HAHAHAHA!

    Anyone who plays this will be wasting their time.

    Anyone who spends money is mentally challenged anyway and is wasting money.

  • i swear this reddit has almost nothing but negativity.

  • People don’t play ArcheAge because of the p2w elements. What does the private server do? Add p2w features. Wow!

  • This thread xDDD lul

  • Subreddit begs for AA private servers.

    This happens.

    Subreddit throws a fit.

    Can we get this sub some Gerber? Baby is hungry and that makes it cranky.

  • Saw this thread..thought I would finally be able to get back into Archeage and play it the way it was supposed to be played….saw that the private server is a pile of shit P2W whale hunt…oh well

  • This game will forever be the most famously disgusting display of exceptional content ruined by greed. It literally pisses me off.

  • Are illegal private servers allowed to be posted here now?

  • A private server in North America running a cash shop? I guess it doesn’t last a month before Trion sends them a ceases and desist with a fat offer for them to settle out of court.

  • ayy claims about p2w but then go to even more russian p2w private servers

  • I feel like you have a better shot of being competitive on this server if you go f2p. Patron is free so if you spent that $15/mo in the cash shop you’ll do pretty well. I just bought a labor stipend for $2. I’ll wait to see how the server progresses before spending much more.

  • I am having issues where the exe crashes after the loading screen..reasons?

  • Free patron and more labor. This is good bait, but we got some traps. Mods/GMs of Archerage posted some shop screenshot, but they “forget” 1-2 critical informations. Yes, thes changed some details after they read feedback, but we missed many things because we didn’t see them. So… shop has some cheap materials, but this is really “strange” in fs. Majestic trees are in extreme low price. “new player catch in packs” has some second cd now. We got many xp buf and stat buff items and temporally mount, longboard, clipper farm cart. Many destructive things in fresh servers. And we got korean p2w items too like “supercow” and mutant crops. Similar things to majestic trees. And the output: the server is like PTS. Majestic trees everywhere. FAstest way to leveling is buying some majestic trees cut them after you used xp buffs and vocation tonic. And treehouses are in shop. This destroyed the landrush too. Treehouses everywhere. Dozens of mejstic trees in wild. 0,75 copper/log and 1,97 silver/lumber prices. Crops, milk and stone will be in the same price after some hours… The server lost the main advantage. Near 0 FS feeling. But it’s interessting. 🙂

    I will reach lvl 55 in some hours. Less than 24 hours…

  • Where can I download the server files?
    How can a private emu server be “decentralized”?

  • Is there a way to see concurrent players? May hop on this if it’s active.

  • How popular are these private servers

  • ITT: A simulation of exactly how this server will die.

  • Going to be down voted but I just wanted to post some FACTS since it seems a lot of people here are just typing p2w without thinking. I played both the RU server and now I am playing the NA server. I got to 6.5k gear score without swiping on RU and it only took me a few months. You do not need to swipe to keep up. I am now on the NA server and after a day, again haven’t swiped, I am sitting at 3k gear score with farms. All I see is people bashing the p2w aspect, but there really is no p2w aspect, yes if you want to spend $10 then that will get you a lot, that’s only $10 though. You can easily stay within 500 gear score of a “whale”. The server has been the most fun I have had on Archeage and that’s tough because I really enjoyed alpha. If you want to try it, go for it, if you don’t then don’t.

  • >Tired of slow leveling and equipment gain?
    Especially for you, we increased experience rates 5 times!

    So you’re telling me the only reason i liked archeage is gone?

    >For you, we increased labor points generation speed by 4 times!

    I’d rather labor was deleted

    So basically, casualized version of archeage, just what everyone wants, except me.

    All i wanted was to swap the rng from crafting into drops. Fixing some boss exploits and having mass pvp battles over world bosses that can drop awesome loot.

  • I would try this but NA shit ping no ty gonna wait for EU server.

  • game sucks

  • Archage, a game I was never interested in playing, and doubly so for a private server.

  • Archage had a ton of potential but literally destroyed everything with its marketing

  • well if it’s getting close in month or two , its still going to be a good experience imo 🙂

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