Apparently, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off he could have gotten a car instead of a computer considering the synthesizer that...

Apparently, in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off he could have gotten a car instead of a computer considering the synthesizer that he uses to simulate his realistic-sounding coughs is an E-MU Emulator II, which at the time went for around $8,000. That’s equivalent to over $17,000 today.

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  • I think that was sort of the point. The joke wasn’t that his parents cheaped out, the joke was that his parents didn’t get him what he wanted when they totally could have as evidenced by the incredible computer. But I suppose that computer looks like garbage by today’s standards and the joke might be lost now.

  • That’s pretty cool. Also that car would also have helped him down the line should he have needed to evade Jeffery Jones’ principal. It’s a very scary movie with that in mind!

  • Just to be clear before I say anything else, are you stating that he could have sold his computer and used the money to get a car?

  • Nice catch!

    It’s also worth pointing out to those that don’t know, that when Jeanie is driving her mum back from the police station, her mum say’s ‘that money could have bought Ferris a car’ in reference to the house sale she was going to make before having to go pick Jeanie up.

    She had to pick Jeanie up because she was (correctly) convinced Ferris wasn’t home. If Ferris had stayed at home that day, he would have ended up with a car.

  • /r/titlegore

  • To be fair if ou take a look at the stuff he owns in his room it gets even more obvious. Between the synthesizer, the bose speakers, the hifi system, the (motherfucking) Gretsch White Falcon, amp and the computer… The guy’s obviously a spoiled brat, making his sarcasm even clearer. I’d say considering the inflation he has around 50k worth of gear.

  • Jeannie? is that you? Jeannie I cant see that far

  • Well yeah, Cameron’s parents were loaded, they could have bought anything for his imaginary friend.

  • why buy a paltry $8k car when you can steal your neighbour’s priceless sportscar?

  • if he kept it in good condition, what would his synth fetch now?

  • as a music producer I’m super envious of him lol. I use an Akai MPC w/ FL Studio and that shit cost me an arm and leg

  • Don’t forget his Gretsch White Falcon, Fender Bassman amp and cabinet, and Carvin stereo components, amongst many other things.

  • I remember watching that and wondering how middle-class suburban kids could have such fantastic hardware in their bedroom. But, you know, something something about how movies do whatever to get the joke in.

  • Not to mention his Marantz reciever.

  • Anyone else ever hear the theory that Ferris Bueller wasn’t actually real, he was just a projection of the type of guy Cameron wished he was? I haven’t rewatched it to see if it holds up but just from my memory it adds a crazy layer to that movie

  • Apparently in *Ferris Bueller’s Day Off*, he could have bought a car instead of a computer. Considering the synthesizer he used to simulate his coughing sound was worth $8,000 ($17,000 in present day), he could have bought a car.


  • Well his dad probably got a great ‘deal’ on it and figured the kid could deal eh?

  • Aside from the Fairlight and the Synclavier, the Emulator II was one of the top digital samplers at the time. Used on many big albums.

  • Buellers were ballers

  • Would a car have got him the day off school? No

  • That always kinda bugged me too (especially since I wanted one of those damn things so badly I could taste it.) The fact that a high school kid just had one casually sitting in his bedroom seemed like a waste.

  • He could have borrowed it from his high school. He WAS Ferris

  • Fuck. Leave my fucking movie aloe.

  • EMU Emulator II sounds like a deadly robotic bird from the future…y’know, like a terminator but with feathers.

  • I wanted that thing so bad… I believe this is why the Casio Sk1 did so well. Came out right after the movie came out.

  • hopefully he’s seen the error of his and not the “posterboy geek”

  • It wasn’t a “highly realistic cough” it was his own recorded cough

  • Yes, but cars don’t realistically cough at all. “Ferris, did you just backfire into the phone?”

  • In an alternate ending, Ferris sells the Emulator and repairs Cameron’s dads Ferrari. Cameron fails to confront his father and becomes a bitter, demented serial killer

  • Ferris also didn’t exist. It was only Cameron. All in his head.

  • I mean… a really shitty car but yes

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