• It tastes a little funny at first but then you’ll want some more

  • For those of you that don’t know

    Calorie mate is an energy supplement that contains all the proteins, lipids, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals needed for a balanced diet.

    It’s a well balanced food. Because of that, it’s perfect for giving your body the nutrition it needs in combat.

  • Hmmm…. tasty!

  • I’m a huge MG fan but for life of me can’t remember this. :< Im guessing it’s just one of the health rations ?

  • Did your brother keep you waiting?

  • You can get these on Amazon. Had to try one.

  • Hope that you like it like Snake in MGS3 SE. “Hmmm…. tasty!”

  • Ashens did a review of this in his [Pre-Winter Clearout Special](https://youtu.be/Py7-Z6YsroA?t=177).

  • I ordered one of these not too long ago. I waited the whole month delivery time, it didn’t show. I emailed and got another one within the next 2 days. Well worth the wait. I’d buy more, but its complicated.

  • I eat one of those (well, half of the size pictured) for breakfast every morning!

  • Nice haha. Currently sat at my desk at work in the U.K with one tucked away in my draw. Commencing Virtuous Mission… TBA.

  • Haha that’s great. I’m currently playing through MGS:GZ/MGS:PP so definitely feeling any MGS references.

  • What, only 2g of dietary fiber? Runny shits, I say.

    (Assuming they are a staple of the diet)

  • 400,000 calories a day seems like a lot.

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