And yes. I did collect all the dog poo, and yes…I did empty it right outside of his front door....

And yes. I did collect all the dog poo, and yes…I did empty it right outside of his front door. Respect shared outdoor spaces yo. It’s called being a basic human being. ❤️ thy neighbor.

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  • Dog owner: “Wow, picking up all my dog’s poop and collecting it in a single place was easier than I thought. Thanks unnamed neighbor!”

  • I’m sure that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but don’t pretend that you love your neighbor.

  • Passive aggressive move, although I get it. Did you try a conversation with your neighbor first?

  • I’ve lived in apartment complexes where this was a serious issue. Once one person leaves it, everyone leaves it because they figure, what’s the point? The complexes even provide bags!

    We just signed a lease at a new place. The pet deposit is higher but so totally worth it because they sign you up for a DNA testing site. That way, if one SOB doesn’t pick up after their dog, it can be sampled, sent off for testing, matched to the DNA cheek swab they took at the beginning of the term and that SOB can be fined. I think my SO and I whooped.

  • r/iamverybadass

  • How much is he paying you for this convenient service?

  • Give them your phone number and address. Assive aggressive.

  • You’re doing ~~God’s~~ your neighbors work

  • OP, please update us!

  • The joys of apartment complex living, I’ve gotten pretty adept at dodging the many piles of poo all over the dog walk. There are trash cans every 50ft and every one of them has a dispenser that provides free poo bags. There’s zero excuse for not picking up after Rover when he takes a shit.

    Good news is, if they catch you not picking up they fine $50 per incident and the maintenance guys know were everyone lives and are as sick of stepping in shit as everyone else. They love writing those tickets.

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  • I don’t understand why you didn’t clean up after your dog to begin with. It doesn’t sound like you had any right to play passive aggressive here.

    Edit: So sorry, thought OP was the recipient of this letter. Hope the real dog shitter got the message!

  • This could be a perfect beginning to Neighbors 3

  • I’m sure you’re sure that he’s sure you surely have insurance.

  • Trump’s first apartment letter to his neighbors

  • Put bag of dog poop on the windscreen of the offending owners car a while ago, that sorted out the ongoing problem pretty quickly.

  • Haha you win until he comes and finds where you live and puts a note on your door saying how great you are at picking up other people’s shit! Then you lose

  • What’s the next step? Severed dog head in his bed?

  • I would smear it on their door. Putting it in a nice pile only makes it easier for him.

  • Should have just smeared it on their door nob.

  • Could have asked them yourself instead of being a passive aggressive coward.

  • This is petty af.

  • Golden Rule – treat others as you want to be treated

    Brown Rule – if it’s brown, off the ground…or else your neighbor will pile it in front of your door

  • You have deeper personal issues that you’re projecting on your neighbor. Sure, they’re inconsiderate. But *you* are the one acting like a crazy person. This was immature, and likely more criminal that not cleaning up the shit in the first place. Want a nicer, more considerate neighbor? Piling shit on his doorstep won’t make that happen. In my mind, yours is the act that isn’t neighborly. How do you recover a relationship after that?


    No one cares about your life and this doesn’t belong in funny.

  • Better make sure they don’t have a Ring or other camera then. Or you may find yourself talking to the police about vandalism.

  • If you don’t know your neighbor well enough to talk to them in person about it, how do you know they aren’t really old or have a disability? If we had a little more compassion and tried to work things out face to face, the world would be a little nicer.

  • I don’t get it, if the lawn is his private property, he has the right to manage it in any way he pleases. Part of the reason I don’t understand why in the US you don’t put fences around your houses..

  • It takes a lot of bags which end up in the trash instead of fertilizing the grass. Definitely should though in the dog park and other shared spaces.

  • >yo

    What year is it?

  • Wow! Never ever _ever_ raise the wrath of a Social Justice Warrior! They know how to stand up for _everybody_!!!!

  • Should of taken a picture of the good deed!

  • So you’re a girl or a kid, or will you be getting your ass kicked by this person?

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