• This is what happens when someone touches my neck

  • Every time I mentally hear that “thud” of the weight to the table

  • you can practically see the person holding the stick chuckling to themselves at the end.

  • As a kid I use to stand on cans and tap the side to crush them.

  • I can relate to that cola

  • boop

  • /r/physicsgifs

  • This is reminds me of a tank car implosion.

  • I worked with a guy decades ago that would stand with one foot on a can, get balanced, and then do a one legged squat. once he was squatted down he would reach down and tap the sides of the can with his fingers and they would always neatly collapse.

  • So what is the thing touching it??

  • …and THAT’S the way the news goes!

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