An exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

An exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

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  • When you have to wake up early for work and just sit on the edge of your bed contemplating the necessity of money and consider just sleeping for the rest of your life

  • That looks kind of like what depression feels like.

  • More melancholy than creepy. But very well done.

  • Looks like someone took a picture of my saturday night.

  • This would have been fun if it was a gif and that dude turned his head around.

  • I really like this piece! This one is housed in a closed off room in the middle of an exhibition floor with some other more melancholic pieces. The lights are a lot more dim in there as well.

    It’s set up so when you walk into the room is right on your immediate left and you just see the back of the woman. (It startled me when I first went haha). IIRC the piece is meant to portray the everyday life of a person.

  • SCP-096?

  • Looks like the start of a TOOL music video.

  • .. capturing the essence of real depression and hopelessness, so much beauty in such sadness.

  • [Here are some other angles](

  • Reminds me of Daredevil, and the portrayal of Kingpin’s childhood bedroom. Pure emptiness feeling

  • This is depressing. I would love to get a closer look at the details. Is it all made out of clay?

    Edit: My mom thinks it’s creepy.

  • Looks like a peice by Sander Cohen in Bioshock.

  • Thought it was a still from a Tool video.

  • Me_irl

  • Artist took picture of me depressed and hopeless and made art from it. How else to explain the exactitude of this piece?

  • Kinda reminds me of the Russian sleep experinent.

  • What would you do if you saw this fella on your bed at night?

  • Is this at the Musee de l’art moderne?
    Is this still on going?

  • Looks like an intimate moment of self-reflection before you assume the mantle of obligations in the morning or just divested before bed, this is who you truly are in the dark with no tricks of the light to deceive.

    Or in the dark do we see ourselves without embellishments, the light of expections or perspectives is not there.

    Very evocative piece.

  • He’s just waiting for HL3

  • My nigga thinking about if he pulled out or not

  • Artist: George Segal, Femme assise sur un lit (a woman sitting on a bed)

  • Which SCP is this?

  • new Tool video..

  • /r/meirl

  • New Tool video

  • Looks like something that Maynard James Keenan would conjure up

  • Looks like a Tool video to me…

  • After seeing Tool last night, this looks like it could have been a scene from one of their vids

  • Looks like a still from a Tool music video

  • Looks like an old Tool video..

  • Which Tool album is this?

  • Why pay to visit a museum when you could see that at my house every day😂😂😭😭

  • Looks the beginning of a Tool video.

  • This is actually kind of peaceful.

  • This reminded me of the the widely used torture in the American penal system of solitary confinement.

  • cool, i like it.

  • *Yrev very good to see you again, old friend.*

  • Hello darkness my old friend

  • Looks like a luxury Manhattan apartment.

  • I didn’t know I was art

  • *Hello darkness my old friend*

  • Somehow I got it to (…) of fire ants

  • It’s me!

  • Was r/creepy every actually creepy? I think I vaguely remember a time when this was the case.

  • “ART”

  • It’s probably not good that I relate to this so much. It feels very sad.

  • “Fine arts”

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