• Excellent use of Comic Sans

  • Wait was the woman pregnant? Or was the dad a corpse? Or was the woman exercising her right to choose? Or was it just a really sad situation that everybody wishes had never happened, but they’re gonna pull together and get through this thing? Regardless, sounds like you need better healthcare where you live.

  • I tried applying but they wouldn’t take me: The ad should have specifically stated they didn’t need a mediocre harmonica player.

  • Seinfeld theme only

  • Yeah… that logo says Cephalotripsy. Actually just saw them last week at the Bay Area Deathfest

  • Nothing says death metal like comic sans.

  • If you like the bands that started metal then we don’t want you! You can only like bands that sound like angry bees trying to escape from a half empty bean can.

    P. S. Must use comic sans, the most grim font available

  • [Reminds me of this.] (https://youtu.be/5Al5QlsFg-8)

  • If you like Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…

  • Fake and those guys are actual known metal players. Sad story.



  • I almost want to say “fake”, but I can believe a university accepted these twats.

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