An absolute classic

An absolute classic

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  • I Reminisce Over This

  • I’m not into NBA. I don’t even really play any sports games. But man, I loved NBA Street. Even today I remember all those super-characters you’d get, like the short kid and the afro guy from the cover.

    Wish they’d make more.

  • I killed that game!

    You can give em this or you can give em that

  • Of tha heezey*

  • Some of the best soundtracks

  • Had this game for PS2 was so good.. I swear the gaming industry needs to go away from micro transactions to developing good games that make an impact!

  • I used to goaltend the fuck out of people in this game

  • God I put so many hours in that game. That announcers voiced is ingrained in my mind. Also yes to Mario and Luigi

  • This game was beautiful. NBA Jam is a close 2nd.

  • *Pocket the gamebreaker

  • servin’ it up!

  • My boi Stretch looking good after all these years. The nostalgia is real

  • Such a great game. And for someone who likes basketball, but doesn’t always watch games on tv, it was great to just strap the laces and shoot some hoops.

    If they remade this, I would buy it.

  • EA Sports…BIIIIIG.

  • This and fifa street was the shit

  • ALL JORDAN TEAM. (Set to one of the best soundtracks ever)

  • Great game. The SSX and Def Jam series were also amazing back then. EA gets too much hate.

  • Better than any nba 2k

  • Great game with an amazing soundtrack

  • PSA: NBA Homecourt exists. Similar gameplay but on X360 and PS3. Also, triple dunks.

    Can you shoot the 3-pointer?
    Can you do the Finger Roll?
    Can you crossover, throw it down and then take it the hole?
    Can you Hoop It Up?
    Alley-Oop it Up?
    And when the ball is loose see how fast you can scoop it up.

  • Bonafide with the handles

  • My favorite basketball game other than Space Jam.

  • Had so much fun playing this with my former roommate a free years back.

  • I don’t even like basketball, but I played this a bunch after my brother bought it.

  • I worked at Toys R Us in 2003 and we kept a copy of this game on our Xbox demo machine for months. Great way to pass time during the summer instead of helping build bikes.

  • Rickety Ricky Ricky LIVE ON STAGE

  • I beat my friend so bad at this game he snapped the disc in half.

    I made him drive to Target to buy me a new copy immediately because I wasn’t going one night without it.

  • “Back to Papa” was a staple of my friend’s’ jargon for a while after this came out.

  • Best soundtrack evah!!!!!!

  • >Gamecube


    God I’m old.

  • Doing the dunk contest with De La Soul in the background was amazing

  • I was about to get all smart ass and complain (as expected right?) then suddenly remembers what’s happened to NBA2k in the last year and ended up shedding a tear.

    To think people complain about loot boxes in some games while 2k is looting for real money to get a hair cut. lol.

    Hey, at least you still have a copy, still got the GC to go with it?

  • Is this the one where you can play as Mario?

  • Love this game! I always thought the GameCube version was the best control wise.

  • When this game came out myself and two of my best friends literally played it so long without sleeping that we all got sick.

  • True classic

  • Was this that game where you could make a character, and the game would track your playstyle for a while before generating a Nickname for you, based on your playstyle? i think My dude was called “Smog” because he was all about blocking shots.

  • I had this game in the 8th grade and I spent all summer watching the tricks in slow motion and then immediately practicing them outside. I got really good at doing some hard ass tricks.

  • I got the GameCube version to play with Mario, Luigi, and Princess…good times!

  • Takashi’s the swat team captain

  • I can still hear the theme music. If you like it too, check out Pete Rock. Dudes awesome

  • The version with Mario Luigi and Peach is far superior

  • Why was this game so fun?

  • The game was great but the feel of the whole game was even better. It had this old school vibe with classic hip hop and it just put you in the perfect mood to play the game. If it was re-released for ps4 I’d buy it in a second

  • This game intrigued me but I never played it. So many GameCube games I wanted to play but didn’t have the time as I was wrapping up college. Hell, I don’t even know where my GameCube ended up. Might still be in my parent’s garage.

  • I’m not into NBA games but damn NBA Ballers for PS2 was my jam

  • Bird, Jordan, Magic. Would wreck my friends.

  • Slip and slide! Man this is memories lol, best basketball game hands down it isn’t even close

  • Best soundtrack in a sports game ever as well

  • Such a fun game, they don’t make em like they used to lol

  • I remember Bonafide being my fav!

  • I only played the first one but remember pre-tip-off, Michael Jordan facing off with a seven foot tall yeti as Joe ‘The Show’ says, “Let’s do this”.

    Good times.

  • We need a remake. Street was my childhood.

  • Chamberlain, Kobe, and, 96 Jordan… I love this game.

  • The good ole days of EA BIG. SSX 3 (drool)

  • I loved those games!

  • Great game

  • Second best sports game ever right after blitz

  • So many great memories of the first one. A friend and I would go to gamestop constantly to just play this on the demo machine before I bought a PS2. I am not an NBA fan by any stretch of the word, but absolutely adored these games. Tons of fun.

  • I miss my guy Deebo Rollins.

  • When the horns from T.R.O.Y come on? Smh 🔥🔥🔥

  • Can u get the ea big games for pc?

  • This series needs to be revived ! This was my child hood for real.

  • Best Basketball game I’ve ever played. So many hours spent.
    Ice water on a game point!

  • Game breaker!!!

  • I need a remaster of this series.

  • Was this also a ps3 launch title?

  • An absolute low-effort shitpost.

  • Where’s Mario at doe? Jkjk

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