Amazing cosplay

Amazing cosplay

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  • That’s not cosplay, that’s fetish gear. Whole-body latex, wasp-waist corsets, and ballet-point heels.

  • Ugh. That corset makes me feel sick.

  • Not cosplay.

  • Isn’t this latex fetish stuff?

  • Is it healthy to have your waist tied in that small?

  • How can they even breathe?

  • I feel like cosplay is going down the wrong route, like when Halloween became an excuse to be a slut.

  • um girl here and i think they look hot… beauty is pain🙂

  • Not cosplay, still wanked.

  • Plot Twist: Transgender reveal in 3-2-1….AHHHH!

  • i think you went to the wrong convention sir…

  • I think they would look better without the corset

  • what if she farts?

  • Cosplaying as what, aliens that *almost* pull off looking like humans?

  • They’re British

    (Mind the gap)

  • Sweet.

  • Cool but it doesn’t look like a cosplay to me..

  • This just makes me feel uneasy. They look like they’ve come down from the mother ship to take over the easily influenced manfolk. Like some cheesy 70’s movie, or that 2 part episode of 3rd Rock From The Sun with all the supermodels.

  • Cosplay as hookers from the future ?

  • Something’s wrong with that one

  • Cool. Ant cosplay.

  • I’m looking to see a lot more of this

  • I have seen this before on

  • Wow, their cosplay is so good!

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