[AMA Request] Natasha Allegri, creator of Bee and Puppycat and past Adventure Time storyboarder

Some questions

1. What inspired you to create Bee and Puppycat? How did personal experience tie into the characters, story, etc.?

2. What was it like when you were on Kickstarter? How surprised were you when you found out you had the most successful project on the platform yet at that time?

3. Why do you think so many great creators came from storyboarding Adventure Time?

4. How long does it take to create an episode of Bee and Puppycat, from story conception to bring completely put together?

5. What is it like looking for a new (international) platform for the show? Have you considered starting a second Kickstarter? How excited are you for the next season?

To all who read: If you haven’t, watch Bee and Puppycat on VRV. That is, if you are in the USA, otherwise, you probably have to wait. Season 2 is coming as soon as Cartoon Hangover can get funding for it.

Natasha Allegri’s Social Media:
Twitter: @natazilla
Show itself on VRV: https://vrv.co/series/GRDQ41V1Y/Bee-and-PuppyCat

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