AI isn’t just learning to play video games, it’s helping us build them

AI isn’t just learning to play video games, it’s helping us build them

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  • > Unity aims to take a weeks-long development cycle and trim that down to a couple of hours.

    If you have a really complex game system in which complex AI is paramount to the player experience, it could be a much longer development cycle than a couple weeks as it’s a core component of the game… I’m particularly interested in seeing how AI and neural networks can be used to improve the experience in tactical and strategy games. If the AI is superior enough, it might even open up some new game genres that would otherwise be too complex to pull off well like tactical RPGs where the core experience is an RPG with a fully fleshed out tactical gameplay system as opposed to what we currently have, RPG flavored tactical games.

  • Things will become really interesting if we can use AI to individualise a game for particular players.

    And eventually procedurally generate content and story.

  • 300 years in the future: test subject 225 testing out 80k resolution rerelease of Skyrim developed by Bethesda AI

  • I just want to see a real life version of the cardinal system from sword art online

  • I want to have a cussing match with an AI like in the movie Her

  • So it’s AI to blame for the set paths and non stop assistance as if every gamer has only just started gaming.

  • Does this mean we’ll finally get a port of Half-Life 3 to the Switch?

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