• 2pm in my timezone… Dang… If it turns out to be another new episode, someone send me a recording.

  • Damn
    July 30th

  • The info everyone wants to know:
    Season 3 returns July 30th! They just showed the new trailer!

  • Possibly about the rocket league stuff.

  • Gotta click on ‘Marathons’, then select Rick & Morty if you are using the app.

  • They are just fucking with us at this point.

  • That’s nice but I didn’t appreciate the fact that they complained to my ISP that I downloaded Rick & Morty. I have Rick & Morty 1st season on my Netflix.Jp service and just wanted to watch it without wasting my cell phone bandwidth. I’m a big fan of the show and was promoting it online everywhere. I was even trying to hurry up Season 2 on Netflix. Not now. Think about that the next time you send complaint letters about P2P downloads.

  • Awwwwwe shit! Could this be it?

    Edit: As it turns out, yes this was indeed it. Season 3 Rick and Morty Sundy july 30 at 11:30 eastern standard time. Woot!

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