Adult dog vs. stairs

Adult dog vs. stairs

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  • Huh. My mom always gets out of the car rear end first since she started getting on the old side. Connection? And what’s in his mouth? Still cute

  • Why so grown up yet so scared? But very clever reasoning nonetheless.

  • I love the wagging tail of reassurance! Like “no worries guys! It looks like I’m struggling, but I’m good!”

  • Doggo has seen enough Japanese game shows to know where to be cautious.

  • As the owner of a 2 year old rescue that is terrified of stairs, what would one recommend to have her get over that fear?

  • Our lab used to do this coming down the stairs on the last step. My dad remodeled from black linoleum to white tile and we theorized that he thought the floor disappeared and was too spooked.

    RIP Cody Bubba Jr.

  • “Human! How do you work this contraption?!”

  • it’s like watching Twin Peak’s last episode.

  • I mean he did the first set of stairs…Doggo will never be tricked. Clearly the second set of stairs is 10x as dangerous

  • It has its own unique way, for the stairs. Makes its choice a treasure to behold. Enjoy

  • This looks like the “Paranormal Activity” stairway, but with carpet. Good luck.

  • Now someone reverse the gif.

  • I showed those stairs!

  • Notice how s/he uses their front paw to accurately count off the steps before beginning the journey.

  • Many adult humans, never learn to swim.

  • Very cute. What a good pup!

  • Is that the house from paranormal activity?

  • I know the phobia of or unfamiliarity with the stairs angle is most likely correct but could this be a case of front shoulder pain when putting that much pressure on them for this old guy?

  • This is nothing compared to a dog trying to get past two cats sleeping on the stairs

  • My yellow lab does the exact same thing!!!

  • Must have been glutes day.

  • Whatever works.

  • Wait, what?

  • Hey man, there’s no set rules how to do stairs, you do you

  • This makes me so sad.

  • Rescued my puppers from a dog fighter when he was 6 months old. & I had to train him to walk up & down stairs as well. Four years later and my big guy is still not comfortable in basements.

  • My friend had that exactly same house model in phx.

  • Yaa…Ur house may be haunted with a ghost lurking under that particular stair

  • Dogs are dumb

  • Must be a lab <3

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