Academy Invites Record 744 Members/Oscar Voters

Academy Invites Record 744 Members/Oscar Voters

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  • Interesting to see nominees from years ago on this list. I thought that a nomination automatically warrants an invite.

  • My dad (talent agent) got an invite one year. It was neat. I was just a kid but remember being impressed by how ritzy and official looking the packet was.

  • just let terry crews and betty white pick all the winners.

  • Takashi Miike, Kim-Ki Duk and Gal Gadot are on the list of invitees.

    If this doesn’t improve your day just a bit, you shouldn’t be looking at this subreddit.

  • I can’t believe many of these aren’t already a part of the Academy.

  • Just watch the BAFTA

  • Having a more bigger and more diversified group of voters is a positive anyways. It leads to more unique stuff getting nominated and less of the cookie cutter things that the older voters go for.

  • Oh boy.

    The industry award show where voters sometimes don’t even watch the films they vote for.

    The integrity!

  • [deleted]

  • Should be 50% female and %50 percent people of color but this is a nice step

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