A swimming rat steals bread from a bunch of fish

A swimming rat steals bread from a bunch of fish

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  • Those were turtles. That’s one lucky rat.

  • His little back feet kicking so fast are so funny to me for whatever reason

  • Evolution, bitches.

  • “Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great”

    – Gusteau (*Ratatouille*)

  • The rat is a better fish than the fish.

  • Now those fish are thinking.. “ewww, let’s go shower”

  • Look at that wake. It’s swimming pretty fast. Rats are cool.

  • You know, I’ve never witnessed a rat swim until now.

  • This rat is my hero

  • Teach a rat to fish and he’ll never go hungry

  • That rat is using three methods of propulsion at the rear?!

  • Wiggle wiggle

  • Fairly sure those were some sort of titles. Maybe trappings, I’m no expert.

  • Splinter teaches the turtles a valuable lesson


  • Splinter’s turned into such a dick these days.

  • Rats are damn adorable.

  • Land creatures ruuuullleessss…

  • 99 yards to the house

  • Look at the Ninja Turtles going after the rat who stole the breed!

  • Yoink!

  • Splinter?

  • That rats gone and made those two
    Terrapins look like right mugs

  • I wish one of those fishes ate his tail thinking it was a worm and dragged the rat under would have been funny.

  • New York fish

  • Mammalian metabolism for the win!

  • and that my friends is evolution.

  • I was on a boat once, out in the middle of a lake, and a mouse ran out of hiding and jumped into the water. We were further away from shore than I would have been able to swim. I attempted to rescue it from certain death by offering it a paddle to climb onto. It just kept swimming toward shore. It took the little bastard 30mins, but he finally made it to the beach and ran into the woods. With that kind of determination, it’s no surprise they are such successful little creatures.

  • Effie rats…

  • Good on him. A big enough fish will eat him next time in a blink.

  • Was waiting for a huge largemouth bass to come up and eat the rat and then the bread comes floating back up and the fish and turtle eat on like nothing happened.

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