A stunning rebuttal

A stunning rebuttal

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  • So there is actually debate about [how many continents there are](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continent#Number) and how we define them. CGP Grey even has [a video](https://youtu.be/3uBcq1x7P34) about what is a continent and humorously takes the arguments to their logical extremes.

  • I for one welcome the new sovereign kingdom of Appalachia

  • Back in fifth grade I lost a geography bee when asked “what continent is Mexico on?” I answered “North America” but the supposedly correct answer was “Central America.” Now, I know in many parts of the world North and South America are thought of as a single continent, but I’ve never heard anyone refer to the continent of “Central America” before or since. I’m well into adulthood now and I’m still salty about that one.

  • I think the point about mountain ranges was to rebut the claim that there was “literally nothing” to justify them being different continents.

    It’s like if I were to say, there is literally nothing to justify Australia being its own continent, so someone says it’s because it’s completely separated from the other continents by water, so I show North and South America and Europe and Asia to demonstrate that it’s not how that’s done. But the fact would remain that it’s been done at least once.

  • The names of the three continents Europe, Asia, and Africa come from the Ancient Greeks. Europe was the land to the north and west of them, Asia was the land to the northeast and east, starting with what is now Turkey, and Africa was the land across the Mediterranean Sea. The borders between the Europe and Asia are fairly arbitrary and still invite discussion to this day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasia

  • Continents are also annoying in that kids learn them at school, and then think that they have any bearing on reality. IMO we should stop thinking about continents so much and look more towards the [UN geographical subregions](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_geoscheme#/media/File:United_Nations_geographical_subregions.png) which groups countries together with consideration towards cultures as well as geography.

  • i love that he took it this far

  • Are we all just going to ignore the fact that even when you separate Eurasia into to two continents Russia is…

    *in both of them?*

  • 0/10 map, they missed the mountain range splitting the South Island of New Zealand in half.

  • If only mountain ranges separate continents then shouldn’t East South America be the same continent as West Africa?

  • Did he actually forget the rocky mountains

  • North and South America are also just one continent. Antarctica is two distinct landmasses connected by ice.

  • The Rockies seem a little too far west to me.
    Are they really that close to the Pacific?

  • I had a conversation with an Indian friend of mine about who “Asians” are. He said people from the eastern parts of Russia are not Asian. He also said Saudi Arabians, Iraqis, Turks, etc., are not Asian. I’m not sure what his thoughts are on Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, or Iran.

    I’m not sure what qualifies as Asian anymore.

  • Europe and asia are different because Europe decided what a continent was.

  • Different countries teach different continents. There is no universally agreed-upon number of continents.

  • It’s like in Civ 6 where continents start and stop randomly and your units are somehow able to know where their boundaries are at 3000BC

  • The entire “Russia is european, no it’s asian” thing is dumb to begin with. It’s a European country that expanded into Asia. End of story.

  • That map doesn’t even include all the mountain ranges like where are the Rockies dipshit

    EDIT: or the Scottish highlands

    EDIT: or the alaska range

  • r/mapporn

  • 25 years, and I never asked how we separated the continents. WoW. I have to sit down.

  • The continent is technically “Euro-asia”

  • So we’re debating on whether one landmass is two continents while we add oceans that have no identifiable boundaries between other oceans.

  • Um Jesus Christ this guy is an asshole

  • Eh I don’t wanna be lumped in with the Europeans tho

  • He’s got a point…

  • r/meirl

  • Your missing all the mountain ranges in the ocean. FAKE NEWS

  • I remember seeing a post on reddit explaining this. Something about how the Ancient Greeks didnt know of the land above the Black and Baltic seas. Take that out and the divide is a bit clearer.

  • /r/mapswithouthawaii

  • Thus is true racially.

  • I thought they were two different continents because of the tectonic plates they sit on.

  • That’s not petty

  • My spirit animal

  • I fucking hate the continent debate. There’s no clear definition, we don’t know what exactly a continent is, how many there are…. especially for questions on a test it sucks. “Where is Mexico?”… america? North America? Central America?? not defined, and you could answer something wrong just because of that.

    Like I said, I fucking hate the continent concept. If we really feel the need to separate the world into more than just countries, use the tectonic plates. Sire, that’s more than 5-7, but we have a clear separation that nobody can debate. If that is still too small, additionally we could split the world in either 4 or 8 parts, once at the equator in north and south, and then at the 0 longitude (or latitude?!) which goes through England (and then additionally another split at 90 degrees if you wanna make it in 8 instead of 4 pieces.

    That would imo be a much better system, for a location, let’s say Washington DC, it would be: Earth > Nothern Hemisphere west > north american plate > USA > Washington DC.

  • Honestly, the whole first argument is a non starter because there’s nothing to justify any of the lines between any of the continents. There just isn’t a single clear definition of what a continent is.

  • This is why the subject of geography sucks. You can’t win a debate concerning geography without losing an argument.

  • If you count mountain ranges, The west coast of North America(just west of the Rockies) is at least 5 continents Continents by those rules. (Cascades, Selkirks, Pyrcells, Monashees, Rockies, among others.)

  • TIL there are mountains in Australia.

  • I mean if you round out the small ones this is pretty much a map of the continents with Russia as its own continent

  • “Russia is European” vs “Russia is Asian” has nothing to do with physical continents. It’s all about the cultural differences, and the debate of whether Russia should be more European or follow its own “eastern” way has been going on for literally centuries.

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