A single person, but blurred a bit.

A single person, but blurred a bit.

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  • I see many faces in this.

  • So she’s single eh?

  • I wonder if you could do this for every country

  • This reminds me of a song I heard in high school.

  • r/dataisbeautiful would love this!

  • Who is she? Why was this photo taken?

    Sorry, *too* interesting for this sub 3/10

  • You can tell that it is not interesting by the way that it is.

  • The unblurred facial feature on the blurred face are kind of scary, interestingly so.

  • “The average face of my sister”

  • yep, just not interesting

  • I don’t get it


  • Im no geologist, but they all look the same.

  • Woww what a diverse variety of face.

  • This is why I love Reddit.

  • Talk about a conflicted upvote. Upvoting because it’s not interesting feels so dirty, even if it is in the spirit of the sub.

  • 9.3/10

    Gourmet shitpost

  • The average face of 2 identical twins

  • She’s single?

  • I only see a face in there.

  • I thought the title said A single person, not blurred a bit and was thinking holy shit what type of wizardry is this!?…

    Then I realised I am a retard…

  • So much data!

  • I like this piece. It represents the elements of earth, water, wind and fire without depending too much on the unseen element of heart. Her eyes seem to stay fixed to the front instead of following you around all creepily. The brown hair and eyes the model has combine with her cheek bones and lips to create a satisfyingly complete face that encourages me to yearn to have intercourse. The ears of the model suggest that she may have been teased so that one may tap in to her rogue features to inspire a certain uncertainty of youth; bringing her to the sheets faster, though her cheek color suggests wine or tequila may do the same. Her circular face would represent life but it’s blurred, a call to the lines she inherently blurs due to a Catholic upbringing. The artist has done something sp[spectacular here by avoiding any photographic evidence of cleavage, I both love and hate the artist for this.

  • Outstanding and revolutionary

  • This is fucking hilarious

  • This subreddit is basically free karma

  • I dont get it

    I only see one face

  • oof ow my visual acuity

    wait… wrong sub….. sorry….

  • Oh wow we have so much to learn from diversity

  • After angrily trying to figure out what the deal was with this and why people even bothered…. I looked at the subreddit name.

  • SHOCKING: This Is What Scientists Believe the Average Starbucks Customer Will Look Like in 50 Years.

  • Upvoted because girl because it is not interesting and I do concede that I only clicked because girl

  • I really hope she finds someone someday…

  • Thanks for taking the piss out a very stupid meme.

  • no way a single person blurred this…

  • Still more interesting than the averages…

  • It’s incredible how much she looks like someone.

  • I was wondering when this would hit meme-level.

  • Amen dude! I’m so sick of these fuckin posts on dataisbeatiful on the front page.

  • This made me laugh a lot more than it probably should have.

  • This made my morning

  • Incredible

  • “Do you remember when Captain Kirk saw a beautiful woman, the screen would go all misty. I thought his eyes were steaming up because he was so excited. Every time I talked to a girl in my class I tried to make my eyes steam up. They called me Scary Jeff.”

  • me: “what fucking sub is this?….. oh ok.”

  • Congrats for reaching r/all/top/ (of the day, top 50) with your post!


    *^I ^am ^a ^bot, ^probably ^quite ^annoying, ^I ^mean ^no ^harm ^though*

    *^Message ^me ^to ^add ^your ^account ^or ^subreddit ^to ^my ^blacklist*

  • Hahahhaaha

  • Hahahahha

  • Modern technology is truly amazing.

  • And why hasn’t anyone blurred me a bit? Is it because I’m black?

  • r/upvotedbecausegirl

  • Wow humans are so amazing.

  • Now we’re talking

  • ~~Quality~~ Average post.

  • I am more than mildly interested.

  • Thank you

  • Looks like Ria(?) the barstool sports chick

  • Thank you for a new favorite sub.

  • Quality post

  • meta

  • You look cool…

  • 1st like

  • Is there anybody going to listen to my story.. All about the girl who came to stay..

  • Well you made me laugh out loud, a rare feat, specially for the subreddit you are posted in. Have an upvote and a good day sir.

  • ??

  • Why is this a thing and why is it on /r/all? /r/OutOfTheLoop

  • That post on the front page yesterday was so amusing to me.

    Oh, Asian men look like Asian men? Cool, got it. 👍

  • Lol, that photo.
    Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

  • This looks like a person. Is it the combined face of 1 person?

  • I don’t get it. What is the reason this is upvoted so much? I mean she’s pretty but I don’t see the big deal here.

  • ai bullshit

  • r/dataisntbeautiful

  • I just see one person

  • That’s a human and im also human

  • Fucking awesome!!

  • r/baseball Every wife of each baseball player in the MLB

  • /r/dataisugly

  • The lines between this sub and r/mildlyinteresting are becoming blurred

  • This is indeed uninteresting.

  • Over half the posts at r/dataisbeautiful

  • That’s a woman.

  • M E T A
    E  E
    T     T
    A       A

  • It’s interesting how much karma this post got

  • This is the face of one person who is male or female.

  • Ugh I hate these things so much. All over the front page recently. Thank you for properly satirizing it.

  • +1 for being not interesting at all.

  • Automatic upvote.

  • r/averagepics

  • Why exactly does this have 34k upvotes?

  • The first thought I had when I saw that average face of Chinese bureaucracy post was, “this is utterly useless, why would anyone care?” Maybe data IS beautiful, but apparently sometimes it’s also pointless and/or useless.

  • Lololololol. That is so funny

  • I just see 1 face. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

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