A real president should take pride in saving and spending your money wisely, not funneling it to his cronies ~...

A real president should take pride in saving and spending your money wisely, not funneling it to his cronies ~ 1:17 PM – 11 Jan 2012

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  • When did Obama funnel money to his cronies? I seem to recall his administration as being pretty damn clean….especially compared to our current (God help us) President, or Bushey/Cheney with all the, you know, war profiteering.

  • # Context:

    Since Trump doesn’t have actual friends to be his cronies, I’ll focus on how Trump funnels taxpayer dollars into his own pocket.

    Each and every time he travels to one of his properties he is [grifting the American taxpayers](http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/02/06/american_tax_dollars_are_already_helping_trump_make_money.html) (leases, hotel room rentals, golf cart rentals, etc…) [And he travels to his properties a lot.](http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/how-much-time-trump-spending-trump-properties-n753366)

    All of this is a violation of the domestic emoluments clause of the Constitution:

    **Article II, Section 1, Clause 7**

    “The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and **he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.**”

    Looks like [Trump is spending a YUGE amount of his campaign donation for his legal team](https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/15/us/politics/trump-campaign-legal-fees.html) and [funneling even more of that directly into his pocket.](http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/02/03/512888131/trumps-campaign-paid-millions-to-his-own-properties-fec-documents-say)

    Looks like Trump is no “real president”. Sad!

  • Or in Trump’s case, funneling it to himself.

  • Obama’s mortal sin of being black has led to this monster. This dude really just ran to spite obama. Fuck me.

  • Are we sure the guy who tweets now is the one who tweeted this?

  • There are so many deliciously ironic tweets that I don’t even know how to comment anymore

  • OH wow, this one is amazing.

  • “I am my own best critic. No one can criticize me better than myself, believe me.” -Donald J. Trump, presumably the not too distant future.

  • I don’t understand how there continues to be a tweet for absolutely everything. It would be incredible if it weren’t so tragic.

  • Nothing anyone says will convince me that this one is not the work of a cheeky timetraveler.

  • It’s almost like mirri maz duur placed a curse on him that he has to relive his tweets

  • This is one of the reasons he should be impeached.

  • I think the whole outrage he had about obama and all these contradictions are basically a result of “hey if that fucker did it why shouldn’t I”… but the fucked up part is almost all of his critiques of obama were delusional

  • again, based on the criteria this current president had for the previous president, he has proven to be a copy-cat failure

  • [removed]

  • This is literally all he does. What a hypocrite piece of garbage.

  • This might actually be the winner

  • It’s as though he’s going through all he’s old tweets and just doing the opposite of what he said

  • President Swamp needs to be drained.

  • Donny’s twitter, the neverending cornucopia…for both sides…

  • It’s like Trump is copying his *perception* of Obama’s presidency.

    “If Obama can do it, so can I”.

  • I do laugh at the Americans on here who all of a sudden think that capitalism is bad any right wing ideas are the destruction of America. I mean, it wasn’t so long ago that pretty much the whole population of Americans online were “fuck yeah we are the biggest, best and greatest in the world”. You are in a very big hole, and it’s your own stupidity that dug it. Trump is the golden boy of Americanism.

  • This too is aged better than a fine wine.

  • How? How could it possible get this specific?

  • Hypocrisy continues

  • You know, if Trump was the Trump who criticized Trump, I’d probably like the dude.

  • Funneling to cronies = Affordable Healthcare Act

  • OK…I’ll ask then which “cronies” did Obama, the most scandal free president I can think of, funnel money to?

  • I can’t stand this circle jerk bullshit.

    Am not a Trump fan or even American but I wish Americans would get over their partisan idiocy and realize that both the Republicans & Democrats have been spending your tax money like crazy and that the US national debt keeps skyrocketing.

  • I feel like America is being punked on interdimensional television.


  • it’s funny how trump supporters can never defend trump by defending trump or his actions, only by distractions and nonsequiturs. LOOK HOW ROTTEN HILLARY IS THOUGH

  • I think it is safe to say that in 2012, he didn’t think he would be running a country.

    e.g. people say shit about Putin or Obama, actually get to a place of political power, actually have to meet them.

  • [Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, then gave nearly 200 of his biggest donors plum government jobs and advisory posts](http://www.politico.com/story/2011/06/obama-donors-net-government-jobs-056993#ixzz1PNzjIIIa)

  • If you were following Trump back then, honestly I can see why you supported him for President. He was saying all the right things and he was so adamant that a man should stick to his word, as any business person should.

  • I’d say he’s doing just fine so far having brought down the national debt by $100 billion.

  • Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real problem plaguing this country. How is he funneling money to his cronies? Do you have proof or are you just another deluded loser who makes a fake account to bash a president that has done more for this country in 6months than Obama did in 8yrs. Get a Fucking life!

  • Some psychologists would call this projection.

  • Hypocrite.

  • God you liberals are fucking annoying

  • The **Social Injustice Warriors** will still defend this

  • Of all arguments to make, it’s surprising that anti-Trump people choose this one, because it’s the least credible. Obama spent $9 trillion dollars and liberals don’t care, he gave billions to our enemy (Iran) and people don’t seem to care, he helped make a deal giving 20% of uranium rights to Russia and people don’t care. Obama took money from foreign governments and even used tax payer dollars to fund a campaign for a democrat candidate under FBI investigation = no one cares. But now, a non-politician comes in, and national debt is going down, stock market is up, he’s made deals Obama said weren’t possible, jobs and manufacturing is coming back to the US, there’s a renewed spirit in made-in-America, we saved millions in ending bad foreign deals and making better deals, and all this Trump is doing for free- he’s not even taking a salary. Meanwhile people slaughter him daily saying he’s Hitler and ruining the country- and where’s the evidence of that? The opposite is true. People don’t seem to realize that propaganda the media spoon feeds them makes you believe America sucks. They have done you a great disservice if you believe that.

  • The statement is correct, but this is the difference between words and action.

  • I swear at this point reading all the tweets here I’m convinced he wrote these for himself for his future presidential self.

  • He bats a thousand on these doesn’t he

  • this can’t be real… a movie script like this would be rejected as “too ridiculous”

  • “real president”

  • I guess Trump watched that video “Rules for Rulers.”

  • So was he wrong before or wrong now?

  • This is my new favourite subreddit. What a clown.

  • I can’t for this moron to be gone.


  • The gift that keeps on giving.

  • Every single day I think this sub has gotten the best Trump Criticizes Trump twitter post and every day I stand corrected.

  • If that’s your attitude there is a Canadian Prime minister and a dude running Ontario that i’d like you to speak with.

  • Who is Trump funneling money to?

  • If you thought he wouldnt do such a thing and voted for him. You’re sure blind as hell. I think he’ll change taxes and everything possible to benefit the ultra rich. Who cares about not taking the presidential salary if what he changes is more beneficial for the ultra rich.

    The fact he is on twitter is bad enough. That website is a cess pool that needs draining. I think it’d be smart if he links a facebook page and drops that website entirely. Or just not be on them in the first place. Make his own webpage to be used as a tweeter. Dunno. Twitter has 0 class. Worse than liveleak.

    On an optimistic note. At least it wasn’t Hillary. Rather have a crooked business man than a crooked politician, personally.

  • He just funneled some to Scaramucci. He gave nothing of value and I’m sure was rewarded handsomely for it.

  • You people are so damn deep into your own koolaid it’s unreal.

  • I get what this sub is about but to me it makes Trump look better. For example, let’s say Trump said “xyz” about something and now Trump is doing something where “xyz” would be contradictory. Well, when Trump said “xyz” about Obama it wasn’t really what was happening and it kind of implies that perhaps it also isn’t what is really going on now.

    Take the quote on this, we believe Obama wasn’t funneling money to his cronies and yet here is Donald funneling money to his cronies. Exactly what he accuses Obama of doing. “lol stupid hypocrite Trump” Trump just said that at the time because he wanted to criticize and didn’t know all the facts. Which means it is also possible that we currently don’t have all the facts.

    I don’t care for Trump and I didn’t vote for him. I wish I could articulate better why this entire sub bothers me and seems to backfire in my mind but I’m having a hard time explaining it better. I’m not looking forward to the downvotes that are likely coming but this whole sub either makes past Trump look wise or current Trump look misunderstood. Both of which are very against the whole reason this sub exists in the first place.

  • National debt keeps coming down! Should name this sub r/TrumpHatersCriticizeTrumpWithoutKnowingFacts. Catchy!

  • Can someone give me an example of one ” cronie”? Of any of the three Presidents mentioned.

  • I’d like proof he’s funneling any money to himself or to his “cronies” so far it’s just blah blah Trump Bad blah blah

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