A little boy’s letter to his best friend Jack who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting

A little boy’s letter to his best friend Jack who was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting

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  • Fuck man. Only 9 and I’m done for the day. This breaks my heart.

  • Its weird that its been 6 years. That kid is 12 now, this was half his life ago.

    Time is weird, it feels like it was a year ago for me.

  • I usually scoff at the “I’m not crying, you’re crying” stuff. I’m crying.

  • Fuck that piece of shit Alex Jones for getting so many of the nut-jobs on r/conspiracy to question the legitimacy of Sandy Hook directly to the faces and inboxes of these parents.

    One of the absolute worst attacks ever. It’s heartbreaking. 😞

  • Fuck me. That hurt to read. I can’t get the lump out of my throat

  • I have a 4 year old at home and should have not read that.

  • Oh ok, so crying is what we’re doing today

  • Today is my birthday and since Sandy Hook I’ve just never felt like telling anyone. I’ve just felt like it’s more important to remember what happened that day than for me to think of it as my day. I can remember finding out about it the day it happened and that feeling of horror has never really went away, it just creeps back every year at this time. I can’t imagine what the parents have to deal with when the days come around, or those ppl have had birthdays or an annual celebratory event that falls on 9/11.

  • Poor lil man. May his soul fly high with the angels. Gone too soon. God bless.

  • This is so heartbreaking.

  • I’ve never been able to understand the idea of wanting to kill people along with yourself. Very innocent people.

  • I love how he says “you ARE my best friend”!

  • I dont know whats worse. The heartbreak of that little kid or knowing there is a 100% chance of this happening again because America never fucking learns its lesson

  • Damn, that’s heartbreaking

  • While most of the world cried with the US for the victims of Sandy Hook, [one of the child victims was a former Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada resident](http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/mourners-in-winnipeg-honour-newtown-shooting-victim-1.1256495) (where I am from), and hit pretty close to home. The community up here pays a special tribute to your community’s loss. These kind of posts tear me right up.

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  • This completely tore me up. I can’t quit crying. This is not something a child should go through. They shouldn’t lose friends to mass shootings.

  • Got half way through. Choked up 🙁

  • My auntie was a teacher there. Had to move to Hartford, CT for work after the massacre, for obvious reasons. So I pretty much slap anyone trying to say it wasn’t real.

  • Nothing like a good cry to start off the morning 😭

  • Fuck every delusional piece of right-wing shit who claims this shooting was staged.

  • Alex Jones is a subhuman piece of shit just in case you need a reminder.

  • i havent felt sad or cried in a very long time, this is no longer the case, atleast for now.

  • How can some animals out there even pretend this was a conspiracy? It boggles the mind that someone could think that what these parents and families are dealing with is some massive fraud just to take away their guns. There is no place in this world for that nonsense.

  • So sad

  • I remember the day of Sandy Hook, I was in 7th grade and at around 1ish a lot of my teachers were sad and crying. Being 12-13 I couldn’t really comprehend what had happened to be I just thought that there was a lot of crazy people in the world and a lot of people died. But, as I get older I truly understand what have happened and how many families were hurt and ruined. It’s truly a sad thing that happened that day. I hope that their families are at least finding some peace in their life currently.

  • I’ve never cried as uncontrollably as I did that day. I can’t imagine how hard every day is for those parents. It hurts just to think about 🙁

  • Oh fuck. That was too much… Instant tears.

  • Heart breaking.

  • Yup. That got me immediately. It’s still so sad after 5 years. Out of all of the terrible things that happens in this world, the ones that happen to children are the worst.

  • Bit strange to frame it. I’m sure it’s to better remember his friend, but I don’t think I’d have it framed.

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again — when the US was okay enough with children being gunned down, that is when the gun debate ended.

  • This is the most touching thing I have read all day.

  • Man that’s too much for me

  • I knew I shouldn’t click it, and yet I did and now I can’t stop sobbing.


  • Fuck. I want to go home and hug my kids really tight right now.


  • That’s the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen.

  • This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. I keep thinking about my friends in elementary school and I can’t imagine going through anything like this.

  • Seeing stuff like this is why I get so enraged that people have the nerve to say Sandy Hook was fake or some sort of conspiracy.

  • Good thing they’re all actors and no kids actually died. Right Alex Jones?

  • I don’t know why I clicked on this. I knew perfectly well it would have me in tears at work.

    I remember being so dumbfounded, and then devastated, watching the story unfold that day.

    I still get so mad when I think about those little babies being murdered and the fact that the people who govern us did nothing to stop it from happening again.

  • I saw a priest’s status on Facebook and he went into that town on the day of the shooting. He was sent to Jack’s family to help console them.

    A couple of years later on the anniversary he had a girl at his school that was really upset. She had lost a cousin- that boy Jack. So, this priest was able to minister to her in her grief partly because he had helped her cousin’s family.

  • [watch this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Rl4HbjTCzE) and see if you think any of this was a lie.

  • This morning I walked into my mother’s bedroom to tell her when I would be home from work, and the first thing she tells me is “Today’s the anniversary of sandy hook”
    I mean Christ have a nice day mom thanks.
    She tells me “I’m just trying to remember the good that has come of it” what good, mom? Nothing good has come of this tragedy. A mentally deranged individual walked into a goddamn elementary school not even 30 miles from us, and turned a bunch of toddlers into Swiss cheese. What about this is good? My day is still ruined.

    My heart and love goes out to the victims families, I really hope they can find some peace of mind, even though I know they will never be at peace with this.

  • Oh wow.

  • This life is truly shitty in some ways.

  • 😖

  • My heart 🙁

  • This hurt my soul……

  • Fuuucccckkk this is so sad.. 🙁

  • Iv got finals I don’t have time for crying right now.

  • Well that was brutal to finish. Fuck.

  • God. That is brutal. I can’t even begin to comprehend.

  • Not to mince words, but fuck Alex Jones in his fat white ass.

  • Holy shit. I don’t really follow US news, never realized that Sandy Hook was a god damn elementary school, and that fucker was shooting first graders! What a dick.

  • 😔

  • Right in the feels, man, right in the feels!

  • I don’t know if words even exist to express how fucking heartbreaking that is…

  • That bottom right picture.
    Fuck you I’m not crying.

  • Ugh. I have a 4 year old son, and this just made me curl up crying inside my brain.

  • I can’t believe people still think this is a conspiracy

  • Jack was the nephew of my wife’s close friend. Such a shame, especially all the bullshit false flag stuff. It drives me insane.

  • Tears.

  • The A-Holes that say this never happened need to spend an eternity suffering like those affected by it have.

  • I’ve become desensitized… I feel nothing from this :/

  • I **do** get why you guys “hold on” to gun ownership Rights…I just wish you could find a way to stop children being exposed to their designed purpose.

  • I knew if I read this I would cry so I started to scroll away, but back tracked to read it. Yep. I’m crying.

  • Oof…

  • And I’m crying…

  • Most heartbreaking post ever😥

  • very sad this one touch’s the soul

  • I am so angry today.

  • I’m saving this one for times when I need some perspective. Fighting back tears now. I don’t know how or why someone so young has to process something like this in their life.

  • Hot damn Jan! Why you trying to make us cry???

  • It looks like the two little guys were best friends. So sad…

  • Nope I can’t handle that

  • I have a little brother and I can’t imagine him having to go through something like this. My morning has been ruined…I need to take him with me for pizza or something

  • My daughter was in first grade when this happened. I couldn’t even imagine those kids having to go through this traumatic event. Those kids should be in 6th grade like my daughter.

  • Ouf. The feels.

  • I’m not crying. You’re crying.

  • Is this the train leaving for Feeladelphia? Fuck.

  • I’m not crying. You’re crying.

  • I chocked back tears. When kids hurt it kills me.

  • Iee Gahd, right in the feels,…. I cant imagine being so young and loosing a best friend to something so utterly horrible

  • They’re both so little. I don’t know which one is Jack but neither of them should have been gunned down. What breaks in a man that causes him to be able yo do this?

  • That is Beautiful and Heartbreaking all at once. I Hope and Pray that those parents that lost their child, somehow find Peace and Closure for themselves. As well as those that lost an Adult Family member in that senseless tragedy.
    Truly, something has to give, we cant keep living like this.

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