A happy pup

A happy pup

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  • Dem toes

  • 😜

  • Is he winking or was he born with one eye?

  • Looks like he just completed a successful bamboozle.

  • Awww. Never gotten to play with a puppy. I’m now questioning my life’s choices.

  • That’s just unnecessarily adorable.

  • Why is he incarcerated?

  • It’s Max from secret life of pets! My twin daughters are very attached to the movie right now.

  • W I N K E Y B O Y E

  • “Gonna get that she-pup tonite”

  • Is his eye ok?

  • Puppy Wap

  • I’m happiest when I’m looking at a pup!

  • cuteness overloading puppy I want this dog

  • He’s happy because he knows something you don’t.

  • How you doin?

  • Awwww beautiful, what kinda pup?


  • ;P

  • 😜

  • Sneaky pup

  • Nudge nudge.

  • It seems like the pup and I know a dirty secret.

  • Forever winking

  • That is a insinuating wink.
    😉 back at ya

  • Fucking pink eye.

  • He is in a cage and still happy !


  • A happy CAGED pup! 🙂

  • 😜


  • ;P

  • Pup- wink

    Me- Hello handsome (wink back)

  • I feel like he is winking just for me. I want him! That cute little guy would be smothered by kisses around here!

  • All the colors in this photo work so well

  • Our dog winked when he had an infected/irritated eye. If it persists you might want to ask your vet about it.

  • 🙂

  • 😜

  • Plot twist. His face is actually always stuck like this.

  • Is he/she a good boy/girl?

  • Oh pupper don’t wink at me i’m melting

  • How yu doin? 😉

  • What breed is that?

  • How has no one made a cheat code reference yet?

  • This would’ve been perfect for /r/photoshopbattles

  • 😜

  • “Just got adopted, ayyy”

  • He would be happier when he is out of the cage.

  • W I N K Y B O Y E

  • Anime pup


  • 😜

  • soooo cute pup

  • It’s interesting how we assume that he is happy

  • Looks just like 🐶

  • A happu ppy *

  • He is up to something. I can feel it

  • Yep

  • 😜

  • Doggo does a cute wink. It is super effective!!!

    You attempt Pet but have been immobilized with infatuation from its’ Cute Charm ability.

  • Will never use a winking emoji ever again. Instead; this.

  • OMG cuteeeeeeee

  • 😜

  • WINK

  • “Did I pee in your shoes before you caught me? Naah :)”

  • He could mess up my living room and give me that face and I wouldn’t even mind

  • Looks like he has a delightful secret that he enjoys.

  • Dalmatians scare me, but I like the red pupper 🙂

  • ))

  • Noze needz a boopin’

  • Puppel-bones McGee.

  • Him doin a seduce

  • Cute lil pupper!

  • winky dinky pupper

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