A guy on my Facebook had a birthday party for his 13 year old dog.

A guy on my Facebook had a birthday party for his 13 year old dog.

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  • The dog’s got a look on his face like “What the fuck is going on?”

  • I threw a 12th birthday party for my Shelite Duke back in December. We just lost him three weeks ago. So thankful I took time to celebrate his life. Happy 13th birthday sweet pupper!!

  • Wtf is that Painting on the wall ?

  • It’s a Bark-Mitzvah!

  • Omg!! My heart is going to explode! This is so cute.

  • B I R F D A Y B O I

  • Awwww he looks so happy! What a good ole boy!

  • It’s a sheltie!!!! Best dogs ever, I’ve had three highly recommend them. So smart and aloof they always make it seem like you need to earn their affection despite loving you unconditionally. They also have the best fur <3

  • Happy 13th Birthday doggo!!

  • I’m just finishing my first year as a doctor, and I’m finally home after working nights this weekend. I’ve had so little sleep over the last 72 hours that this picture literally made me cry because it’s so wonderfully adorable.

    Either that or I’m just a massive softy…

  • My best friend became my best friend after inviting me and my pup to her dog’s sweet sixteen. We are both in our late thirties.

  • So cute!

  • Let’s Party!

  • Behind the camera: A broken man – Naked, weeping, and alone.

  • We’re doing a 99th (just over 14 years) birthday for one of the dogs at my work, with Tim Bits and beer, his two favourite things

  • He should have called it a bark mitzvah

  • 🎂😍😘❤️

  • happy birthday to the goodest boy!! 😀

  • >”A guy on my Facebook had a birthday party for his 13 year old dog”


    >”I couldn’t resist sharing my dogs birthday party pics with reddit”

  • Looks like a sheltie. Definitely deserving of a party.

  • That’s awesome!

  • This needs to be made into a ps battle lol

  • Growing up my family use to do the same thing. Not quite so elaborate as yours though… Brings back fond memories, thanks!

  • oh bless 😇

  • That looks so much like a stuffed animal it’s ridicilous.

  • We do that and invite our friends dogs over too.

  • Friend > acquaintance > guy on my Facebook

  • truely..amazing ,happy b,day dogy

  • reminds me, it was my buddy’s 13th birthday yesterday.

  • Handsome pup. He’s pampered and his owner takes good care of him well. He reminds me of my Rex who passed away before he turned 13.

  • He is quite the party animal!

  • ‘I don’t know what l am doing here, but I like it! I mean, wuff!’

  • That dog looks like its been taxied

  • Happy Bark Mitzvah

  • Double check he doesn’t know where you live

  • I love how extra this is


  • What a coincidence that’s the same guy on my Facebook too!

  • “A guy on my Facebook” you’re not fooling anyone OP. Happy Birthday to your dog.

  • Always warms my heart to see pet owners do nice things for their pets, just cause

  • What a good boy 🙂

  • *Ricky Barker, Happy Birthday. Once rejected, now accepted – by me, and Hector, we’re a trifecta!*

  • Reminds me of SNL skit where Louis C K got a clown for his own 46th bday party and had him do his act and shit for him lol.

  • So wholesome!

  • Why was I not invited…

  • It’s a bark mitzvah.

  • when you got too much money and time while having too little friends…..

  • Dog is confused like why does he celebrate my birthday once every 7 dog years? why doesn’t he care about my other birthdays?

  • Where was my invite? All I got recently was Fourth of July and human birthdays invites.

  • Where are all the guests?

  • This makes more sense to me than a birthday party for a one year old human. The dog knows it’s for them; the baby’s doesn’t know shit yet.

  • So pure

  • That is adorable

  • Idk people, does the dog care? I think if he took him to a walk and got him some extra food he would be more happy

  • Why do you have a picture of a lightbulb

  • I relate to this dog. My face every birthday after 30 lol.

  • Happy bday!!

  • I’m out of touch if people can refer to ‘some guy on my facebook’ instead of ‘a friend of mine’

  • Good pupper.

  • This is what’s wrong with western civilisation

  • you people are sick

  • Does anyone have a party for their dog and avoid posting pictures on social medias?

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