A glitch in the matrix

A glitch in the matrix

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  • The way it all lines up is oddly satisfying. Still, don’t run red lights kids

  • I’m betting this isn’t the first red light they’ve blown through. I guess the odds and perfect timing of this happening finally caught up with them.

  • White car uses Doubleteam!

  • What the heck am I seeing here?

  • ITT: People talking about not running red lights, when the post is actually about the two white cars in the collision.

  • We live in a fucking simulation.

    The physics rules are too perfect, nothing is random, nothing is casual.

    Maybe when we die, we go to the reality, the one that really sucks.

    Just bed thoughts, nevermind.

  • I hope no body got hurt. What kind of idiot goes through a red light like that?


  • Marty never did get the hang of that re-entry.

  • We’re there not enough red lights for them to consider stopping?

  • So it’s two white cars or a fault with the camera?

  • More like don’t take fucking red lights

  • Well that guy is dead

  • Looks like they doubled when they hit the black car.

  • What are the 2 blue flashes?

  • i hate low-probability coincidences like this

  • So the blue flashes are the red light camera taking his picture right?

  • Welcome…

    To the matrix

  • r/bettereveryloop

  • *Run Reds, get dead.*

  • Wait wot

  • doesn’t look like anything to me…

  • Wthell?

  • Fucking camera took a picture before the car even crossed the line. It’ll get anyone, running the light or not.

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