• By Lim Choo How, Malaysia.

  • amazing! I zoom in and see the rose in the droplet. The refraction of the light is just so that it works. A worthy picture indeed!

  • Now thats a once in a life time picture.

  • is that some kind of hornet?

  • Looks like a staged shot with a dead bug to me. Reddit has made me a skeptic.

  • Little aliens.

  • Wow. Incredible shot. I do love some good macro photography, especially when it’s as artfully crafted as this.

  • This is incredible! What a breath-taking shot. Wow, just wow!!

  • Big Ern McCracken’s bowling ball

  • Bada da da da da da da da bah badada

  • You mean a spawn of Satan, you can’t hide that that’s a wasp.

  • That’s a great photograph.

  • fantastic picture

  • Incredible, I love the way the water droplet acts as a lens for the rose in the background.

  • I would love to know the camera, lens and settings for this. I’m sure it’s been processed too.

  • What episode of Twin Peaks is this from?

  • Maybe they’ll take a high resolution picture next time

    Edit: I thought the /S went without saying

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