• I’ve never come across [this page](https://www.facebook.com/Efrin.Alhds) before, but it looks like it’s an [anti-PKK/YPG](https://www.facebook.com/Efrin.Alhds/posts/1832618836767802) and anti-SAA propaganda page, though I’m not sure who it is affiliated with, be it the Turkish government or the KDP (as they claim). In this statement here, they are intimidating the PYD and threatening it indirectly with a Turkish intervention. They are also targeting its support base in Rojava by suggesting that the PKK/PYD command is irresponsible and would most certainly get its people killed.

  • I don’t think a Kurdish FSA group in the SDF (i.e. there’s only one: Jabhat al-Akrad, which pretty much disproves the whole statement) would release such a provocative statement (“pkk”, “pyd”, etc.). These “citizens” are obviously in no way affiliated with the SDF.

  • What happened to Twitter posting rules? Seems like everything is getting posted these days.

  • How can the YPG retreat when they are under siege? Did they mean disarm?

  • Retreat from Afrin or retreat from the areas Afrin took from the rebels? There is a world of difference between the two, both morally and practically.

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