5MB IBM hard drive (1956)

5MB IBM hard drive (1956)

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  • Back when a Megabyte was a Megabyte

  • Ironically this is the same size of packaging Amazon uses to ship you that 32GB SD card you ordered…

  • I’m so glad to see how far technology has developed in the last 60 years. Imagine now, a 5 MB hard drive that could fit in the palm of your hand.

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  • Would this have been core memory?

  • About what is feels like removing and installing hard drives from some of the new slim laptops of today.

    I have had a lot of clients and family ask me about those older pictures…

    **Computer history time:**

    IBM Corp. was introducing a product that offered unprecedented random-access storage — 5 million characters (not bytes, they were 7-bit, not 8-bit characters). This first disk drive heralded startling leaps in mass-storage technology and the end of sequential storage on punched cards and paper or Mylar tape, though magnetic tape would continue for archival or backup storage.

    The disk drive was big and heavy. With its vacuum-tube control electronics, the RAMAC (for “random-access method of accounting and control”) occupied the space of two refrigerators and weighed a ton. It stored those 5 million characters on 50 hefty aluminum disks coated on both sides with a magnetic iron oxide, a variation of the paint primer used for the Golden Gate Bridge.

    An IBM RAMAC 305 with a 350 disk storage unit leased for about $3,200 per month back in 1957. Over a thousand of the 305 systems (one of IBM’s last vacuum tube units) were manufactured before production ended in 1961, and the 305 was withdrawn in 1969.


  • It’s not the size of your hard drive, it’s how you use it.

  • Did ppl died from one of these falling in top of them?

  • I started repairing personal computers in 1989. I recall a 10mb HDD was about half the size of a loaf of bread and weighed 5 lbs. And cost about $500 replace.

  • Man, so old, I bet they used Myspace back then.

  • The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles.

  • Just big enough to install the original warcraft

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