35 Fellow Cops Finish the Treehouse a Slain Officer Was Building For Daughter

35 Fellow Cops Finish the Treehouse a Slain Officer Was Building For Daughter

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  • *New York State Trooper Joel Davis wanted to build a tree house for his daughter. The father of three started working on the playhouse for Jaila, his youngest child. But he never got a chance to finish the fort.*

    *Davis was shot and killed in the line of duty on July 9 while responding to a domestic violence call in Jefferson County. He died days before his daughter’s 13th birthday.*

    *This week, 35 officers ensured Davis’ daughter will get to play in the tree house her father started.*

  • I mean, there’s *kind of* a tree in there.

    That said, good on those cops for finishing the job. That’s a great way to honor somebody, by carrying a legacy forward.

  • Very nice from the fellow cops! Small actions like this can go a long way

  • What’s the flag ?

  • This cop called his daughter Jaila?

  • Ahh Reddit how I love thee. Take an awesome gesture and litter the comments with negativity.

  • 35 wonderful men stepped in to help, but not one of them will replace the one she misses.

  • Sometimes doing something for others is just a nice thing to do. Regardless of profession. At the end of the day police officers are still regular human beings.

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  • I really wish this subreddit had more moderators.

  • That treehouse looks bigger than the apartment I had in college.

  • Domestic violence turned cop kill, that escalated quickly. I wonder what happened, poor girl I hope she’ll end up just fine.

  • 35 people for a tree house they must have been walking all over each other.

  • Why did I read that as 35 Finnish cops . . .

  • 35 people were involved in that. My neighbor built an addition to his house with one drunk dude named Carl.

  • I am a strong support of law enforcement and our military (although not a blue lives matter person) and this absolutely breaks my heart. It’s really wonderful they finished the tree house, it’s seriously a beautiful thing to do.

  • This is very sobering.

  • That’s some commitment just to get your friends to finish building your daughters treehouse for her.

  • My computer tells me there is a virus here.

  • This doesn’t uplift me at all. This makes me depressed as fuck.

  • But then they hung a racist flag from it so… Good for them?

  • I like the fake account that posted this to advertise blue lives matter lol. Nice.

  • 🙂

  • Aw this made my day. Amazing people our men and women in blue are.

  • Just feels like police officers have been treated so unfairly…

    It would made national news when someone was shot by the police, but when police gets shot, barely anything gets mentioned. It is as if police getting shot is a norm or some shit.

    Honestly I feel like a lot of police shooting could be justified, all these violence really can put police on the edge. No body ever stop and ask why are there so many police shooting in the first place, sure there may be some bad apples, but this many police shooting? Perhaps it is because how dangerous the neighborhood could be that made the police feel the need to be at arm at all times.

    Sucks that building a tree house is the only reason this is reported.

    /end rant

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  • Very nice story! The world would be a better place, if more stories like that are shared in the main stream media.

  • “Uplifting”

  • That is a beautiful tree house. That poor girl

  • why is reddit pretending this kind of story doesn’t get shared all the time? there’s always videos popping up of officers doing good deeds.. i see just as many of these as i do of officers violating citizens rights. almost daily, if you follow enough news. i don’t understand why people say we need more of these stories. they’re out there, getting shared.

  • I don’t know if flag rules apply to these combined novelty american flags, but it is a bit surprising that of 35 officers, there’s not one that knows flag flying etiquette.

  • I’m no engineer, but that doesn’t look structurely stable. Can someone tell me if this is safe?

  • It’s like the setup for a joke…….How many cops does it take to build a treehouse?


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