• You mean you want the temperature inside the building to be… different… to the outside…?

  • The house we rent is up for sale right now, and every time they have a potential buyer, they email us asking us to clean up and air out the house. The thing I find messed up is the buyer will never see the house “lived in.” I squeegee my windows on the inside. Black mould grows (we clean it of course!). The paint on the window sills is bubbling and peeling from dampness.

    I can’t believe it’s legal that we live in a house where if you run the dryer you have to open the back door, otherwise the walls drip, but we have to clean that up before the property manager brings a potential buyer though.

    Was funny the last time, because she was bigging up to this couple about how many people had been through (a lie) and goes “isn’t that right?” to my flatmate who was like “nope…”.

    And I just had to stop writing my comment because the property manager called me back after I rang this morning to say the damp/water had blown a downlight, and she spoke to me like it was my fault.

    I wouldn’t ever recommend Ray White.

  • kind of gutted that this will happen before it gets too cold.

    People who rent this place after us won’t get to see it in it’s full mouldiness.

    I scrubbed the bathroom walls and ceiling 3 weeks ago. It’s plainly visible again. I shouldn’t need to do this once a month 🙁

  • We need to count the number of sheep per person again.

  • While most of us are registered from a particular address, are they going to assume you are commenting about your specific house – or are they simply trying to capture a number of respondees who indicate they have damp/mouldy houses to understand the urgency it need be given?

  • An estimated 1/3rd of homes are under current code for wall/ceiling/underfloor insulation, so I’m calling it now:

    More than 1/3rd of homes will be damp and mouldy.

    Insulation alone doesn’t stop damp and mould. You need double glazing, heating and, crucially, ventilation.

    The Greens had a pretty good policy for grants covering insulation and heating for homes that Labour enacted at the dying end of their last term. Both Labour and NZ First claimed credit for it, of course. The Nats were completely against it, and once in government they claimed all the credit. They have also systematically kneecapped it over the years while putting on the spin about how many homes they’ve insulated. And they’ve kneecapped it despite evidence showing an economic return of $4 for every $1 invested. Clearly it makes more sense to let poor people get sick and dog-pile our health system.

    So, which party/parties this election cycle are talking about increasing spending on helping homeowners (including landlords) to sort their homes out? Even if it’s low interest loans…

  • Interesting what they are saying about not being able to record people who are intersex.

  • does it differentiate between mould creating conditions, or just houses with mould? cos im shit at cleaning

  • Can’t we stop this Bill?

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