• I have been told that Civ VI was not that great and I should hold off on purchasing that game. Was that person wrong?

    EDIT: Went off to lunch and when I come back my inbox was on fire. Thanks for all the really informative replies, gang!

  • Poor Titanfall 2 :'(

    Even forgotten on this graphic

  • You forgot about skyrim

  • That dead horse….you’re beating it again

  • >No Stardew Valley

    It’s ok I see how it is

  • I feel like I’m among the only people who thought 2015 was about the best year for games in recent memory. Bloodborne, Witcher 3 and the Phantom Pain were among the best games I’ve ever played, then there were a bunch more that were pretty good too like Arkham Knight, Just Cause 3 and Fallout 4.

  • I could come up with 8 great games and one shitty one from literally any year in the last two decades. This doesn’t really say much.

  • I picked up No Man’s Sky for PS4 (on disc) on release. Found out the bullshit it didn’t have that they said it would, promptly returned for full return.

    *But* I just picked it up again on Steam Summer sale, knowing what I’m getting into: same shit plus freighters, base building, rovers, creative mode, permadeath mode, etc. If it had been this game on release, I don’t think anyone would have complained about it so much.

    For what it is *now*, I think it’s worth its on-sale price. Hello Games deserves some scrutiny when they go to release their next project, definitely worth skipping pre-orders, but I think its time to lay that shit to rest.

  • 2017 has blown 2016 out of the park for me. Guess it depends on which games you enjoy, though.

  • Overwatch did it for me.
    I have this feeling that I will still be playing this game in a few years from now.

  • CIV V > CIV VI

  • Why is everybody using this meme in one year old topics?

  • Wheres titanfall reeeeeeee

  • After the patches so far no mans sky isnt THAT bad if you can find it used TBH

  • Definitely a missed opportunity by not including Titanfall 2

    EA really fucked that game over releasing it next to BF1 and IW

  • Eh, Firewatch was good but it wasn’t great. The dialogue and comfy setting were nice but the story kinda falls flat.

  • Doom was great

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