2004: One of The Best Years in Gaming.

2004: One of The Best Years in Gaming.

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  • 2017: One of the best years of shameless reposts.

  • Rome total war is awesome.

  • Oh man i miss the burnout games

  • Don’t forget Runescape 2

  • Every year we have pretty great games come out

  • I only played one of those games in 2004 (I was 20). Knights of the old Republic 2. Then I went to Japan for 10 mo so I didn’t have the time. Which are really the best that I should try now? I was addicted to WoW for 8 years when I got back…

  • 1998, 2004, 2007. When’s the next one?

  • God, I wish they didn’t fuck up Fable…

  • Man burnout was such a good franchise. I remember bringing it over to friends houses, they were like uhhh not another racing game.
    Play it for a bit and they would all get hooked. Too gooood.

  • Am I blind or did they really neglect to put Metroid Prime 2 on here?

  • I absolutely loved battlefield Vietnam! Best BF ever!

  • Clearly this image is a bit old (5 years?) because the WoW subscription would be over $2300 (I didn’t calculate what month it released, just 13 years x 12 months x $14.99)

  • oh yeah sly2

  • …Anyone else notice how “notable” is spelled wrong up at the top?


  • Hey Daralon, my mom she got me this new game…

  • Metroid: Zero Mission would like a word with you.

  • Ah yes, Doom 3, the worst game in the entire series. There are a lot of great games on this list, and several very underwhelming ones as well.

  • If Knack came out in 2004 it would’ve been the best year for gaming

  • Has there EVER been a decade where video games weren’t dying?

  • 2007 was a better year for gaming

  • Counter Strike Condition Zero? O come on now.

  • Umm…no Metroid Prime 2?

  • Ace Combat 5 and Burnout 3 were my LIFE that year. Incredible games.


    I really want this on BC.

  • We must have entered a twilight zone where it’s okay to admit some of these games like Doom 3 and Killzone are trash. Usually such “heresy” would not be allowed on this sub.

  • Ah yes Killzone the “Halo Killer” lol

  • World Of Warcraft fck yeah!!

  • No one going to point out how bad killzone was??

  • Doom 3 was fucking trash

  • Really? Doom 3? It wasn’t even that great…

  • Yes, I think is one of the best years. But another years also have an good games for enjoy.
    I still hope for a new super year of gaming.

  • From the thumbnail I was expecting some “NOT YOU” in the middle there.

  • Katamari Damacy.. wow. I remember the X-Play review of that game. It’s been so long ago. Would love to see it ported onto PS4

  • Halo 2…

    Miss those days. MCC isn’t the same.

  • battlefield vietnam….

  • Dawn Of War, how i miss your perfection.

  • Meh

  • My only regret is that I have but one downvote to give!

  • Wow, I didn’t realize how substantial 2004 was in terms of influence. Also, RIP City of Heroes. We haven’t had a proper replacement yet and perhaps never will.

  • Not this again, we all know 1998 was the best year.

  • I looked up gameplay vid of the Katamari game and what the fuck am I watching.

  • Kotor II was a mess at release

  • There are exactly 0 people who played EQ II.

  • my god this sub is absolute garbage…

  • I can’t be the only one annoyed by the amount of nostalgia posts, right?

  • Every year can be best year in gaming history, everything depends on the perspective.

  • Funny coincidende.

    I beat Killzone for PS2 yesterday (on the actual PS2). And by no standards is that a “great game”. It’s entertaining, sure, but it’s one of the shittiest performing games on the system, with an avg frame rate of 8-20 fps.

  • No Half life 2??

  • I think I played every single game from this list but still managed to get my life together. Whoever tells you that games will ruin your life is a liar, remember that kids!

  • NFSU2, best in class.

  • No half life 2?

  • I feel like this list really isn’t that great.

  • You sure about that? Because one entire row of that picture is full of the literal worst games to date (at that time) in their respective franchises: Deadly Shadows, UT2K4 blew dicks, and Roflmao Doom 3. Actually, Doom 3 is still the worst Doom game, and I say this as someone who’s played Doom since 1993. I don’t even *like* Doom 2016, but I will gladly acknowledge it’s 6000x better than Doom 3.

    Killzone was also fucking terrible. The graphics were decent for PS2 and it had the “innovative” mechanic of having 4 actual protagonists you could choose from with different loadouts and thus styles (which they wasted no time abandoning in Killzone 2) but that game was just trash. So much trash. You would hit dudes in the face over and over and they wouldn’t die, the Helghast assault rifle was fucking garbage, and the last level was pure shit. You would die at random for no reason because of random enemy spawns that would come through walls, spawn at the wrong time, infinite enemy spawns at the very end at that last cutscene, just christ it was so bad. I remember vividly how bad it was because I last played it 4 years ago when I got Killzone trilogy.

    The only truly great games in that picture are NG, Burnout 3, Rome TW, and Dawn of War. I guess Katamari Damacy was alright too, and Halo 2.

    In fact, NG is one of my all time favorite games, I own NG, NGB and both Sigma’s and Razor’s edge, and even Yaiba. I just played through Sigma and I have to re-evaluate how much I respect that game, based on its god awful camera and third act that completely fulls apart. Not to mention that the original game, black, and sigma all retain the same framerate issues. The fps literally drops to single digits on a frequent basis starting in Tairon (chapter 3) until the end of the game (chapter 19 if sigma)

  • I remember building a new computer just to specifically play all the pc games shown here (plus Spellforce.) Playing on max settings, I remember wondering how graphics could get any better…

    Such an amazing year. Probably my most hoped and enjoyed until 2011/2012.

  • At first i was not sure, dumb me scrolled down and saw Rome: Total war and WoW.
    No need to argue with an op who says right.

  • Wow! I forgot how good 2004 was for gaming.

  • I played a total of 2 of those games

  • [deleted]

  • Counter Strike was at least ’99….

  • 1999 would like a word.

  • Jak 3 FUCK YEAH!! #1 Of all time.

  • why haven’t we gotten a sequel to Unreal Tournament in like 13 years

  • Riddick was surprisingly good

  • UT2k4 with RPG and Magic Weapons mods was THE BEST!!

  • That year was STACKED!

  • Goddamn do I miss Unreal Tournament.

  • Condition Zero, lol…

  • Also the year my daughter was born, which explains why I didn’t get a chance to play most of these until years later.

  • Any other info graphics like this?

  • Holy shit Pikmin 2 is up there!

  • Man, painkiller is such a good game. super cheap too. 10/10 reccomend

  • I think this gets reposted every couple months.

  • What is Deadly Shadows doing on that list?

    I was also going to ask where RE4 is, but apparently it came out two weeks into 2005.

  • Just going to throw one more out. Socom 2 (well technically released in EU in 2004, and US very end of 2003…but close enough). Such an amazing series of games, until they messed it up after socom 4 🙁

  • I hope I wasn’t the only one looking for “Not You”.

  • I feel like games don’t give me the same thrill as they did before. Don’t get me wrong i love gaming. But they don’t have the same feel as before. I could play every single one of those games for ages, I can barely do that with game nowadays.

  • It was the year before SOE destroyed the best MMO of all time…..twice.

  • Condition Zero lol

  • Delighted to see Tales of Symphonia included.

  • Don’t forget Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders.

  • 1998, 2004, 2007 the best years in no order

  • If anyone knows the history behind bloodlines, they’ll know it’s a game that both deserves and doesn’t deserve to be on a best of list for 04. The game is a perfect example of a publisher forcing a Dev to release a game before it was ready. Just a horrible and broken bug fest upon release. The community has since fixed the game with unofficial patches, and man, is it an amazing game to play when it’s fixed.

    I played it for the first time ever about 3 years ago, and I had a blast doing it.

  • I really liked Doom 3

  • riders on the storm…

  • Man Riddick was so damn good too

  • I wondered why people have no nostalgia for 2005 onward.

  • Tales of Symphonia makes that year for me. The only single player game I burned over 400 hours in.

  • Been thinking of buying Vampire: The Masquerade on PC. Really good?

  • I see KotOR and I upvote

  • Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door FTW

  • Damn, that was a good year.

  • KoTOR all the way my n🅱️🅱️as

  • Nothing can beat [2001](http://imgur.com/k9L81YH) though

  • Fuck devs now. Greedy fucks.

  • Tales of Symphonia is easily the best game on this list. I played through it so many times over the years.

  • Oh, how I wish I could be 12 again…

  • Unreal tournament 2004?

  • Ah yes, that is exactly the year I went from being a 3.87 GPA student into a 2.60 GPA student.

  • Awe city of heroes :’) memories!

  • Can we talk about Battlefield Vietnam? I feel like a pariah because I was more into BFV than 1942. But the Hueys, man… I wish I could go back to circle strafing the enemy spawn in a Huey for 20 minutes straight, those were the days….

  • 2015 was fantastic year

    The Witcher 3


    Metal gear the phantom pain

    Batman arkham knight

    Fallout 4

    Tomb raider

  • Well, I did NOT need to be reminded what I spent on WoW-subs…god damnit. I dont play anymore though…and when I did a /played on my main character I had a heart attack and unsubbed. Needless to say, I survived the heart attack.

  • 2003 was better, Eve launched only game u need

  • How many of these are actually worth playing today?

    You’ve got to rule out all the games were the main focus was multiplayer, because that’s going to have mostly died or changed fundamentally in the last 13 years eg UT2k4 and WoW.

    You’ve got to rule out games which have been compltely superceded in quality by sequels or spiritual successors. This is more arguable though so YMMV on this one. e.g. Dawn of War was superceded by it’s standalone expansions.

    I’d also rule out games which weren’t that brilliant in the first place, but depending on your tastes this changes.

    So we’re left with:
    Katamari Damacy (Had lots of sequels but Im not sure how they compare)
    Thousand Year Door
    Tales of Symphonia
    Sly 2
    Up Your Arsenal
    Jak 3
    Ninja Gaiden
    Far Cry
    Fable 1
    Pikmin 2

    Of the survivors the following are inarguably the best, although the first two need patches to really play them properly:
    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
    KOTOR 2
    San Andreas
    Half Life 2 – Massively influential but isnt really that replayable
    MGS3 – Never played but I’ve been told its good

  • Rome Total War, Kill Zone, Star Wars: Battlefront, Half Life 2, and Doom 3 made my freshman year of high school. Still play Doom 3 now and then and Rome Total War is always ready for me to conquer.

  • Makes me feel old.

  • Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and Burnout 😍😍😍😍

  • Snake Eater was my shit for so long.

  • Oh shit was Battlefield Vietnam the game where you have to break out of a POW camp with nothing but a pistol intended for Russian roulette (it had one bullet)? That level was insane.

  • At this point, I’d love to see a list showing all the shit games released on a per year basis.

  • Even here, Prince of Persia is forgotten

    I hate the internet. I hate life.

  • I was “meh” until it got to WOW and then I almost cried.

    2004: When WOW killed my favorite genre of turn-based JRPGs.

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