20 years today a Disney masterpiece – Hercules – was released

20 years today a Disney masterpiece – Hercules – was released

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  • Obligatory *GET UP ON THE HYDRA’S BACK* comment


  • The movie was far from perfect but was far more entertaining when you know the myths that they are poking fun at. It took me until late high school to get the “somebody cal I-X-I-I” joke as well as getting that the Muses were serving as a literal Greek Chorus for the film.

  • So Hercules and Harry Potter books are the same age? wowzers.

  • Top 5, maybe top 3, Disney movie soundtrack

  • The music in this movie is absolutely top notch and I love all of it. Whoever came up with the idea of using gospel music for Greek mythology is a genius. I don’t get why people say it’s just ok, I love this movie.

  • “Hey! That’s Phil’s boy!”

    I tear up. Every time.

  • I wouldn’t call Hercules a masterpiece but its a solid disney movie.

  • Anyone ever notice that this movie is really more of an animated Superman movie than Hercules? I mean, sure, it’s *called* “Hercules” but it doesn’t really match the mythology much, whereas it does follow the story of Superman, more specifically “Superman: The Movie” pretty closely:

    An infant child from a distant place populated by human-looking advanced/powerful beings is brought to Earth. He is discovered by a peasant/farmer couple who notice that the boy is special and especially strong. They raise him modestly where he uses his gifts to help out around home but as he grows he feels like he doesn’t belong and so he leaves on foot to find himself.

    Eventually he comes to a place of solitude where he’s able to chat with a giant representation of his actual father who tells him about his true parentage, the extent of his powers, and that he is meant to become a great hero. He also gains the ability to fly and trains to be a hero.

    In one of his first acts of heroism, he saves a sassy brunette woman who later becomes his love interest. Towards the end of the movie she actually dies but he is able to save her from death.

    Oh, and his main nemesis is a guy with [fake hair](http://data.whicdn.com/images/63864979/large.gif).

  • I don’t know about masterpiece but there were interesting creative choices, the whole gospel lydian muses worked for me

  • That’s my favorite Disney movie. Zero to hero in no time flat.

  • The songs were so good. Definitely in my top 3 of Disney films, maybe number 1 just for the music. 😅

  • “Masterpiece”

  • One of my favorites. The end where he sacrifices himself to save Meg was one of my favorite childhood moments.

  • Loved the film since first seeing it as a kid, still love it and watch when it inevitably comes on Freeform.

    – Delicious art design

    – A stroke of brilliance to mix some African-American gospel and soul music styling into a mythology story–which resulted in great songs ([including my favorite love song in the animated Disney canon](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl0DMTlwLw4))

    – The main cast are all great, with special mention of course going to Hades.

    – Counterpoint to the “it’s not accurate to the mythology” point: So what? Find someone, with more than a passing interest in the subject, that bases their knowledge of Greek mythology on *Disney’s Hercules.* Heck, find someone who only knows the casual general points of Greek/Roman mythology, and the biggest point the might still retain from the movie is the main character’s name (which is the Roman version). The movie probably did more to spark a Greek myth interest in kids than anything else (until, probably, the God of War video games). It’s not trying to be a history/myth class, it’s a movie that knows what story it wants to tell and does it well.

  • I was at Disney land 2 years ago and they didn’t have anything on this movie sadly

  • Fun fact, I saw this film at an advanced screen in Australia on the day Princess Diana died. Film came out a few months later here. This post also serves as a warning we’ll all be bombarded by princess Diana stuff in a couple months.

  • My all time favorite animated movie.

  • “Wanna buy a sundial?”

  • I fucking loved this movie. Still do. Soundtrack is easily top 5 for me, and Meg was my first crush when I was a fucking child.

  • This section sure is generous with what is regarded as a “masterpiece”.

  • I don’t think “masterpiece” is the right word for this movie.

  • I really liked the film but masterpiece is a stretch, especially considering how wildly inaccurate it was about the Greek mythology. I mean even the title is wrong, Hercules was the Roman Demi god, Heracles was the Greek Demi god

  • /r/twentyyearsago

  • Heracles

  • I’ve still never seen it.

  • I think it’s my favourite Disney movie. I know it doesn’t really match the mythology but still love it! I have to watch it in original though and see how are the jokes there, I know only polish version and it’s great. And the soundtrack is awesome, original and the polish one (of course I like the polish one more 😉).

  • I think it’s got flaws, but it’s still pretty great. And if nothing else it’s got one of the best love songs of all time.

  • I just want Disney to do a live-action adaptation of Hercules. Bring back James Wood, Danny DeVito and the VAs for Pain/Panic and for sheer shenanigans.

  • “Masterpiece”

  • Whoever had the idea to use a Gospel choir in their adaptation of a Greek myth was a brilliantly insane person who I’m surprised didn’t get laughed out of the pitch meeting.

  • My favorite, right up there with Mulan.

  • I thought this movie was pretty well liked. Can I hear about some of this sub’s issues with it?

  • This was one of my favourite Disney movies as a kid and I still enjoy watching it now.

  • I’m not the biggest Hercules fan. It’s okay imo, but doesn’t hold a candle with some other Disney films

  • Wow, the first movie post-renaissance is that old? I am old as fuck.

  • I must be the only person that thinks this is the worst Disney movie by far. The “Eisner” era of Disney was pretty bad until Lilo and Stitch. Hercules, Hunchback, Emperors New Groove, Tarzan, Atlantis, Dinosaur were all just sub par to what came before it. I’m not counting Pixar in the mix here, but I would say the one exception post Pocahontas would be Mulan.

    At least after Lilo and Stitch we get Chicken Little and Meet The Robinsons, while not what I would consider “Disney Caliber” are still entertaining enough (and Bolt which seems to be forgotten).

    But then we enter what seems like a new renaissance, like Disney pulled their head out of their ass, with Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Big Hero 6 – movies I would all place above Hercules.

  • Whenever this comes on TV I work out through the entire duration of it while singing every single song.

  • Who put the Glad in Gladiator?!


  • One of my favourite Disney movies. Man id love a live action version with Hugh Laurie as Hades.

  • If that’s a masterpiece what higher superlative are we supposed to give Kevin Sorbo?

  • Jesus Christ, I really like this movie too but *masterpiece*?

    The circlejerk is real today

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