13 Cites Then and Now

13 Cites Then and Now

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  • Dubai though

  • Apparently no one has seen Berlin since he 90’s…

  • Shanghai was amazing and even more revealing for its near perfect placement matching.

  • It bothers me that the city name is below the pics instead of above.

  • As I went through them I tried to guess which city it was by looking at the old pic before scrolling down. I got none of them right.

  • That’s not downtown LA in the 40’s….

  • 1990 is about 27 years in the past from “now.”

  • Man those Japanese and Koreans were having lots of sex it seems.

  • Tokyo has recovered nicely from all those Godzilla issues.

  • I see that most of them started painting their buildings with more colors.

  • Is anyone else bothered by how nearly every single one of these new pics was taken from a different angle than the old?

  • The Shenzen pics are crazy. There wasn’t even really a city, just some scattered farms.

  • Shame they aren’t call from the same period so you can compare the progress between major cities.

  • that Catalina though flying over brazil

  • Maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t differentiate the asian cities or the american ones at all – they just look the same.

  • cities sure got a lot more colorful over the years

  • Fascinating post, thanks for sharing.

  • It’s amazing how architecture around the world only recently implemented more colors than black white and gray.

  • I like how London looks like shit in both the before & the after pictures.

  • The Tokyo before isn’t Tokyo, it’s Hiroshima…

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