12 years old goes out in the middle of a storm to soothe and show her sister that’s very unlikely...

12 years old goes out in the middle of a storm to soothe and show her sister that’s very unlikely to get hit by a lightening…

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  • She didn’t get hit, job well done 🙂

  • That’s when she realized she would never leave the house again.

    Edit: Removed a comma

  • I bet that didn’t help her sister’s fear of lightnings.

  • I froze the frame right after. It hit the tree just over the fence.


  • That’s exactly how you get ptsd.

  • How crazy is lightning. Like electricity just appears out of thin air and is like fuck this thing in particular

  • I was never ever afraid of lightning till the tree 4 feet from me got hit one day, now I see the flash and I instinctively jump

  • Where’s that silver faced youtube guy to tell me weather or not this is a fake video?

  • r/titlegore

  • I clicked on this video 100% believing that I was about to watch this little kid get blasted wth lightening.

  • It’s lightning, not lightening.

  • If you play on slow motion, you will notice that the camera gets interference several frames before the lightning strikes. Electricity is amazing.

  • wtf is up with this title

  • [Three strikes! Four strikes! The white bars tell the tale.](https://i.imgur.com/N494yC8.gifv)

  • ITT: Lightning vs Lightening

  • Lightning

  • This clip ends too fast! What happens next? Is the kid okay? I can’t even tell if it hits her or just near her.

  • It’s true, it is very unlikely to be hit by lightening. It’s also very unlikely to win the lottery but people still play. There’s always a chance of something bad happening but you have to take risks in life otherwise you’re not really living.

  • What the fuck?! The title translates to “Social networks account for a festival of rays that ensure they fell in Posadas”

  • Forget the lightning, her house is surrounded by large bodies of ~~conductive~~ dihydrogen monoxide!
    Edit: TIL Water isn’t very conductive, but the minerals in water are.

  • I was almost struck by lightening when I was three. It missed iy about 3 inches. The grass hasn’t grown on that spot in two decades. I still go over to the old house just to prove to myself it happened. It hit within inches of me and set my jacket on fire. I literally crapped my pants and received 2nd degree burns and one 3rd degree burn across the back of my neck.

  • https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/conditional_risk.png

    Title text: ‘Dude, wait — I’m not American! So my risk is basically zero!’

  • Is that a lightening? *Dials 911 on microwave

  • If there is a God, he shares my sense of humor!

  • God’s aim is getting better.

  • Well statistically it’s highly unlikely. But only because thunder storms are few and locally very limited. That means only few people are at risk getting struck at any given time, making the chances for the entire population seem small.

    The idiots running around in a storm with an umbrella on the other hand have slightly different odds…

  • I hate people that seem to just reflexively hit the stop recording button the instant something interesting happens.

  • Who let’s their kid go out in a lightning storm with a metal pole in their hands? WTF.

  • /r/abruptchaos

  • Working as a tree climber and arborist. You’d be surprised how many trees get hit by lightening and continue on quite happily. Some get hit repeatedly, and it’s like they just don’t even mind. Other trees, of the exact same species, catch fire, or burn from the inside out.

    Either way. Stay the hell away from trees when there are lightning storms, the juice gets channeled into the roots and can electrify a large area. Golfers hiding under trees during flash storms sometimes leads to a dozen people getting zapped at once. Stay inside, preferably in a house with a brick chimney that has a grounded, external lightning rod. And maybe say a little prayer to Ben Franklin.

  • “Shit, i missed”

  • Holy shit. Last time I saw this clip I didn’t watch this to the end. But now I watched this to the end.

  • Aaaand her sister is traumatized for life.

  • I also knew everything at 12

  • Lightning not lightening.

  • Remember, kids, hubris is lethal.

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