1 year transformation pic (90 pounds lost) I can’t even explain how much better I have felt lately!

1 year transformation pic (90 pounds lost) I can’t even explain how much better I have felt lately!

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  • hey guys, so a lot of you are asking how i did it! starting last summer, last day of junior year, I ate 1300 calories a day, and would only eat lunch and dinner. I had a full time summer job at dunkin donuts (ironically), which kept my mind off the hunger i would occasionally have. I also started running after i shed the first 20, and have now worked up to 26.2, i ran my first marathon just two weeks ago! I wouldn’t recommend going to 1300 if you’re around my size back then, i would stick to 1500, which is an easier goal for the day. I’d say that my main motivator was just to make myself feel better, since i suffered from depression, which is still with me, but is a LOT easier to cope with. PM me if you have any more questions! Thanks for the love guys!

  • damn bro you went from “wheres my hug at” to “mr. steal yo girl.” Congrats!

  • Graduating from Harvard had to feel OK, right?

  • Congrats! You’re halfway there! (Keep it off is as difficult as getting it off). As someone who’s slipped… To keep that happy feeling requires diligence. I don’t want you to be where I’m at, at square 1.

  • Wow! Great progress, congrats!

  • Congratulations on your success, cutie!

  • Wow! Can’t believe this is only a year, the transformation makes you look a lot older. You look great man, keep it up!

  • You look great! How did you do it?

  • You had a great jaw line hiding!

  • Congratulations! You have a new face now and it’s very handsome.

  • You look handsome as hell! Have fun at college, the gym is an excellent place to destress!

  • I am glad you feel great!

    I also think you look nice before and after.

  • Great job man!

  • Fuckin’ A, Man.

    My wife’s grandson went from your previous size to being buff *and* when he smiles he looks just Like Matt Damon.

    He blew my mind after not seeing him for two years.

  • You awoke the jawline. Congratulations sir

  • Congrats bro,

    A friend of mine from back in highschool went from a little heavier than you were, worked on it, and now he’s a full time professional personal trainer and body builder. Crazy what committing to weight loss can do to people and their confidence.

  • Well done! You went from Michael Moore to Macklemore

  • Awesome job!!! You look great!!!

  • How you do it?

  • Great fantastic work! What did you change about your life to accomplish this?

  • I see a lot of people asking how did you do it? In a similar scenario wanting to lose weight before college and wondering (if you used the gym) what types of exercises you did to lose that weight in such little time! Good job man

  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It’s Harvey Specter.

  • Congrats man! This is an amazing transformation.

  • I’m here to tell you that you’ve gone too far and you’re making the rest of us look bad.

    Well done.

  • you should get a neck tattoo, it would look sweet.

  • Congrats! Looking good.

  • Great job man, I’m proud of you (:

  • Awesome man!! Howd you do it?

  • Lookin great, keep up the hard work

  • Wow congrats. You did it alone or have coach ?

  • Still be a happy fat kid inside!!!

  • Dude that’s awesome! Congrats

  • You look great. Well done.

  • You look very healthy. Great job!

  • Great job bud. Perfect timing heading into college

  • Way to go, man! Feels great, eh?

  • Wowwy

  • Congrats, you look amazing! That’s hard work, way to stick with it!

  • So….did you get into Harvard?

  • I feel so happy for you!

  • Congrats on the hard work and payoff man

  • How much better??

  • You look great!

  • Congrats

  • Hey man, awesome job. You look like a new you. I know what that feels like, and it’s so rewarding. Just one thing to say, though. Don’t ever feel like you need to keep losing weight to feel good. Not to say you will, but I’ve been there, and took it a lot farther than anyone really should. Losing weight should be about what makes you feel good. Dont get too caught up in the calories!

  • yesss dude i’m proud of you!! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Great job man!

  • Looking good brad

  • Damn dude that sucks that you were going to Harvard last year and you’re not anymore 🙁

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  • Finally Americans get it why it’s useless to be fat. Be like the rest of the world, just stop eating shit.

  • Way to go you are adorable!! I went through same thing. I let myself go and got really heavy and then started working out and running and finally look good again. Keep it up 🙂

  • Youll be back, they all come back

  • on a slightly unrelated note, does anybody know how to get red cheeks to look normal again? I have the same cheeks as OP does.

  • Fantastic effort – you look great and must feel great!

  • Looking good, girl! Keep it up!

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